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2011/07/09 Knebworth, England, UK: Sonisphere Festival

After an overnight drive from Ireland, including a 3.5 hour ferry ride and encore screenings of "Borat" and "Pulp Fiction" right off the bus's hard drive, we made our way to Knebworth in England, there the annual Sonisphere Festival is held on its stately grounds. "The pen is mightier than the sword" said Knebworth's Edward Bulwer Lytton, who probably would have had a hard time concentrating on his…


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2011/07/08 Punchestown, Ireland: Oxegen Festival

...After an eventful planes trains and automobiles type day where team weezer was divided into various units who all tried to get to Ireland in different ways and different times (with highly varying degrees of success), everyone has finally reconvened in Dublin, a city that's hard not to love. Naps were had, delicious food was eaten, work was done, and streets were wandered. From there today we took a ride out to the country, to Punchestown… Continue

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2011/07/06 London, England: Brixton O2 Academy

Today marks weezer's first 'club' show in England in several years, and the only club show of this block of gigs in the UK and Ireland. Everyone is excited to be back in London and is really looking forward to playing the Brixton Academy once again. We are also stoked that the excellent English band Male Bonding is opening the show. Male Bonding and Rivers got together a while… Continue

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2011/07/06 Brian in action with Rooney last week

Heres a recent photo at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles - Brian Bell came up on stage to join the band Rooney in a special rendition of John Lennon's song "Woman". Not long afterwards, Brian headed off to the airport and flew to Toronto to start the current weezer tour.

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2011/07/05 Travel To London, England

After the 6 hour flight from Montreal, we arrived at Heathrow and were happy to find it was sunny, not too warm, with a little breeze. Speaking of breeze, we breezed thru immigration, baggage claim, and customs, with hardly any lines or waiting aside from a random 10 minute pause in middle of the baggage claim process. Then we zoomed into central London in little vans and in 45 min we were at the hotel, only having had to fight a little spot of traffic in a city which is… Continue

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2011/07/03 Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Brian Bell Centre

...Todays show is at the home of the Montreal Canadiens NHL team, in the massive Brian Bell Centre For the Culinary Arts. Brian was honored that they named the Centre after him, and is happy to be rocking out in his second home. Tonight Jack's Mannequin is the opening act, and they are rocking it out as these words are being written in fact...

Photos below - are you going? Did you go? Comment here and/or in…


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2011/07/02 Saint-Éphrem-de-Beauce, Quebec, Canada: Woodstock-en-Beauce Festival

Theres a lot of Canada that they wisely designated as "the hinterlands" many years ago - or perhaps there simply arent enough Canadians to fill up all the land they have! Either way, we are deep in the Canadian hinterlands today, marveling at the natural beauty and small town good vibes. The good vibe small town in question is Saint-Georges, which is a few miles from the Woodstock-en-Beauce festival site. The whole area is about 60 miles south of Quebec City, and only about 30… Continue

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2011/07/01 Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Downsview Parc: Canada Day Fest

After several weeks in the woodshed, Team Weezer has assembled north of the border in Toronto to help Canada celebrate Canada Day. Its a sold out show, and the 25,000 attendees have been streaming in since they opened the gates mid afternoon. Actually, these might be the only 25,000 people left in Toronto, as it looked like just about everybody else was driving south on the QEW. But these 25,000 people are here to rock, and Weezer is here to rock them, along with Buck65, Hey… Continue

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2011/06/25 Radio Weezer new cover adds

above, the poster for a recent Anamanaguchi show has art that's based on the classic weezer 'superhero girls' design. pretty cool.

We've got some new 'adds' on Radio Weezer from the cover song contest! The next four cover bands to start airing on Radio Weezer are:

Simon Miles (Nottingham, England): "Only In Dreams"

RNA (Los Diego, CA): "Hash Pipe"

Superfriends (Japan): "Superfriend"

Neccos For Breakfast: "My Brain"

Your… Continue

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2011/06/23 Show Announcement: Indio, CA: Fantasy Springs, 8/27!

...Thats right folks, another addition to the 2011 weezer show calendar! On August 27th, Weezer will be playing the Event Center at Fantasy Springs Resort Hotel & Casino in Indio, CA! The Tickets go on sale June 30th (a week from today). According to the Fantasy Springs Facebook page, the show will be announced on their… Continue

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2011/06/11 Show Announcement: Chicago RiotFest 10/9 | RIP Ryan Dunn

Another addition to the 2011 weezer show calendar! Weezer is playing the Red Bull RiotFest in Chicago on 10/9! Tickets go on sale 6/24! http://riotfest.org/


...sad news - R.I.P. to Jackass star and weezer "Memories" video budrow Ryan…


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2011/06/19 Covering The Cars in Cars 2

Well, the new Pixar film "Cars 2" is out Friday June 24th, and as you may know by now, it features Weezer's new cover of the Cars' song "You Might Think". (official video above!) Because the Cars' leader Ric Ocasek produced both weezer's Blue and Green records and the band are huge fans of the Cars, covering the song felt like a perfect plan. More here on… Continue

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2011/06/13 Happy Birthday to Rivers

happy birthday to Rivers Cuomo!

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2011/06/10 Show Announcement: 10/14 Deluna Festival, Pensacola Florida!

...chalk up another show on the 2011 Weezer concert calendar - Weezer is playing the DeLuna Fest in Pensacola Florida on October 14th! Full details and ticketing info on the Fest's website here.                        

***REMINDER: At long last, Official Memories Tour Bootleg CDs are on sale now in our online store. More official bootleg cd's to… Continue

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2011/06/10 Radio Weezer Cover Contest Update | Cool Video

...Radio Weezer Cover Contest update: The next four of your cover songs that will enter into rotation are:

discoblaque “Say It Ain’t So (Holy Post Mix)”

Jude Wright “Keep Fishin’”

Marcel Messey “I Can Love”

Vonnegutt f. Tony Williams & Naledge “Put Me Back Together”

These can be heard on the station beginning next Wednesday June 15th. Thanks for sending in your covers! More covers will be added to rotation soon, and if you have a cover you want us to check out, send it… Continue

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2010/06/07 Austin, TX: Stubb's BBQ: Memories Pinkerton

***Special announcement: At long last, Official Memories Tour Bootleg CDs are on sale now in our online store. More official bootleg cd's to come!

...Well, the two Memories nights in Austin are now in the history books. The dust, the heat, the sweat, the loud rock, the massive singalongs all came together at Stubb's, one of the coolest l'il venues in the US and A. Texas is 4 for 4 so far… Continue

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2011/06/06 Show Announce: Del Mar Race Track 8/6!

...another addition to the 2011 weezer concert calendar - weezer will be playing the Del Mar Race Track Seaside Stage on August 6th. The show is free, included with the $20 admission price to the track.

...Weezer cover band alert!

Denver's the flying w's has 3 upcoming shows: Sun. 6/12 at Larimer Lounge, Thur. 6/23 at Herman's Hideaway, Thur. 7/7 at The Toad Tavern, all in… Continue

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2011/06/06 Austin, TX: Stubb's BBQ: Memories Blue Album

We rolled up to Austin from Houston late last night, and have now proceeded to occupy the venerable Stubb's BBQ for a 2 night stand. The hot Texas sun is relentless, but as it starts to drop below the skyscrapers of downtown Austin, we dine upon the fried green tomatoes from the Stubb's kitchen and prepare for the rock! Opening the show tonight is The Knux.

Did you go? Comment here and/or in our message boards,… Continue

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2011/06/05 Ustream News - Q+A Session 6/7

weezer covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead in the studio, last week.

...Peoples, you may have had the fun of watching the Rivers Ustream broadcast he often does before going on stage. We are happy to report that we've figured out how to integrate the Ustream thing into weezer.com, and that this will be starting on Tuesday 6/7 (the second Austin show). In honor of this technical triumph, were gonna do a Ustream Q+A session with Scott… Continue

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2011/06/05 Radio Weezer Cover Contest Update

weezer covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead in the studio, last week.

Folks, we've received many many submissions of weezer covers over the last few weeks, and the team has gone thru them and selected the first batch of tracks to be added to the rotation on Radio Weezer. In the coming days and weeks, listen for...

Marcel Messy - I Can Love

Jude Wright - Keep Fishin'

Jonas Hansson - Börjar Bli Kär (falling for you)

Simon… Continue

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