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2011/08/21 Squamish [Sḵwx̱wú7mesh], British Columbia, Canada: Loggers Sport Grounds: Live At Squamish Fest

Another sleepy early morning after a show, another run to the airport to make a flight. Today, we flew from Calgary to Vancouver, B.C., and then got in vans for a 90 minute drive through Vancouver and up the stunningly beautiful coast to the mountain town of Squamish (spelled Sḵwx̱wú7mesh in, er, Squamish). Up here nestled in between towering wooded mountains with snow caps and waterways is the second annual…


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2011/08/20 Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Fort Calgary: X-Fest

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This morning we flew from Seattle to the fine city of Calgary, up in Alberta Canada, to play the Calgary X-Fest. Also on the bill are Social Distortion and Jane's Addiction, so today is a real power packed show. Adding to the power today is a wrestling ring complete with costumed wrestlers…


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2011/08/19 Seattle, WA: WaMu Theater: Double Memories

Team Weezer is back together again, this time in the great Northwest, at the WaMu Theater, next door to the Quest Stadium, home of the Seahawks. Actually they seem closely connected, as there are Seahawks things all over the place backstage. Tonight weezer is doing a rare show, the Double Memories show of Blue plus Pinkerton in one night. All kinds of special guests are attending tonight, friends and family who are rarely in the same place at the same time. Its…


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2011/08/08 Show Announcement: Doheny Days at Dana Point, Sept 11!

Another addition to the 2011 Weezer concert calendar folks - Weezer is playing on Sunday September 11 at the Doheny Days Festival in Dana Point, CA! We'll be on the Main Stage, located right on Doheny State Beach! Heres the Ticket info. Hope to see you there!

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2011/08/06 Del Mar, CA: Del Mar Racetrack

Today we return to the Del Mar Racetrack, a year older, a year wiser, a year more laser-like in rock precision! The Racetrack setup is an unusual one, where bands play once the horses have stopped racing for the day, in an environment that resembles a county fair, only surrounded by a mile long oval of equestrian glory.

Last year everyone reported massive traffic issues on the I-5, so allow plenty of time to get down there if you are going - Weezer is…


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2011/08/05 Las Vegas, NV: Red Rock Casino

After a fast flight up on a shiny and tiny little jet, we stepped into the 103 degree heat of Vegas and said, "yeah... but its a dry heat!" and jumped in the car. Fifteen minutes later we were at the Red Rock Hotel Resort and Casino, which is off the beaten path of the Vegas strip, up where the natural beauty of the desert resumes. Except on the casino floor where its pretty much a casino through and through, complete with a tasty buffet.

Tonight weezer…


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2011/08/04 Costa Mesa, CA: Orange County Fair: Pacific Amphitheater

Team Weezer has re-assembled back in its homeland of SoCal for the first time since last November, for a good old fashioned outdoor rock extravaganza at the Pacific Amphitheater, which is located on the Orange County fairgrounds. Of course the OC Fair itself is going strong right now, so it will be a full on cotton candy, sideshow, corn dog, Ferris wheel vibe tonight!

Photos later - are you going? Did you…


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2011/07/29 Wantagh NY: Nikon Jones Beach Ampitheatre: Flaming Weezer Lips #2

...WOW folks, the show last night was right at the limits of what can be described in words. An amazing experience, lets call it for now. And tonight we do it all again but this time at Jones Beach! After yesterdays super hectic (yet kinda hilarious) soundcheck / rehearsal leading right into the showtime, today should hopefully be a bit calmer - till showtime of course, when all forms of calmness will be officially banished from the area till the last lights go down…


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2011/07/28 Holmdel, NJ: PNC Bank Arts Center: Flaming Weezer Lips #1

...Today is a day of frenzied activity, as we gear up for the pair of aces we and the Flaming Lips have got up our collective sleeves - todays show at PNC Bank Arts Center and friday's show at Jones Beach! I hear tell theres still some tickets available to both of thse shows (check here for PNC,…


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2011/07/27 Radio Weezer - new cover adds | more stuff

Radio Weezer is looking for your weezer covers - submit them and they could get added to the rotation! Details here.

Next week listen for these new covers from you guys, which have now been added to the Radio Weezer rotation!

Freak Me Out by PigThe

Tired of Sex by Love Coloured Light

Cant Stop Partying by Natalie Illeana

Listen to Radio Weezer - streaming… Continue

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2011/07/25 Name That Tune Contest Winners

The results are in for the Name That Tune Contest! This contest was intended to be a humdinger, and it turned out to be more than that and a bag of chips. One could even say it was a real doozy. A real head scratcher, see? Well, even though it drove some people to the moon and back, thanks to everyone who gave it the ol' college try. Results were calculated by who got the most right, and if there were any ties, whoever sent their answers in earlier got the higher placement. We… Continue

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2011/07/24 Weezer Cruise Update - pre-sale sign-up deadline TONIGHT

Weezer Cruise update! Midnight tonight (Sunday 7/24) is the deadline to sign up for a pre-sale booking appointment!

Weezer Cruise update! Midnight tonight (Sunday 7/24) is the deadline to sign up for a pre-sale booking appointment! See the booking info page on WeezerCruise.com for more info! Those who sign up in advance will receive detailed pre-sale booking information via e-mail…


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2011/07/16 Yokohama, Japan: Nano-Mugen Festival

After the epic second show at Zepp, everyone took a much needed day of rest and frolic in Tokyo (kudos to the crew who had a half day of work to do yesterday getting the gear in place at the Festival site on the day off). Team Weezer reassembles today at Yokohama Arena to play the opening day of the 2 day Nano-Mugen Festival, with Ash, The Rentals, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, We Are Scientists, and many more, over 3 stages. At some point there will be a Nano-Mugen TV…


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2011/07/14 Tokyo, Japan: Club Zepp: Memories: Pinkerton

...After an intense show yesterday, which included the first live performance of "Devotion" since the 90's, the second ever live performance of "Longtime Sunshine", The Blue Album of course and many other killer tracks, we recharged the batteries overnight - the human batteries as well as the camera batteries - and headed back over the big amazing bridge to the giant ferris wheel, which Club Zepp sits in the shadow of.

The guys had a great…


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2011/07/13 Tokyo, Japan: Club Zepp: Memories: Blue Album

Team Weezer made the long journey over Siberia from Edinburgh yesterday, though it took several flights as the team got broken up into bite sized chunks and various plane delays and a missed flight really got things goofed up. But its all good in the hood now, the hood being Tokyo.

Tonight should be pretty amazing, its sold out and the peeps are peepin....

Photos later - are you going? Did you go? Comment here and/or in our message boards, tell…


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2011/07/12 The Weezer Cruise - Set Sail with Weezer

The Weezer Cruise www.theweezercruise.com is sailing on the Carnival cruise ship Destiny porting from Miami to the island of Cozumel off of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, on January 19 – 23, 2012.

Coming along with us are special guests Dinosaur Jr, as well as Sebadoh, Gene Ween and Dave Dreiwitz, Wavves, The Antlers, Yuck, Free Energy, Boom Bip, J Mascis, Lou Barlow, Keepaway, Ozma, The Nervous Wreckords, The… Continue

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2011/07/12 Weezer and Flaming Lips Side-by-Side at PNC and Jones Beach

The upcoming Weezer/Flaming Lips shows at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel NJ (7/28) and Jones Beach in NYC (7/29) are going to be unique and historic for both bands, as something both bands have never tried before is going down.

The bands are setting up all their gear at once, and then blending and shaping their setlists into one massive gargantuan supersetlist. The bands will trade off setlist segments, switch off songs, share the stage and get loose and crazy… Continue

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2011/07/11 Happy Birthday to Scott!

Happy Birthday to Scott Shriner! Today were flying from Scotland to Tokyo so Scott will spend his birthday on a 13 hour flight. No birthday candles allowed on a plane! But maybe he'll get a nice sleepy time as we fly - after these past 3 fun but exhausting days, he deserves it!



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2011/07/10 Kinross, Scotland: T In The Park Festival

Today we play T In The Park, near Edinburgh, Scotland, the 3rd in a 3 straight trifecta of giant festival madness! Last night we had a long bus ride up from Sonisphere Festival grounds. More movies were watched, work was done, food was consumed, and finally, one by one, we succumbed to the quiet, dark bus cocoons of sleep, collapsing into recharge mode.

But now we are on site and its sunny and beautiful. With occasional hot and cold flashes and bits of…


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