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2011/12/07 A Poll. A Boot. A Book. A Band.

Yesterday, everyone who is signed up to go on The Weezer Cruise in January received a song poll, so they could cast their votes on what weezer songs they wanted to hear most on the Cruise. They are already guaranteed to watch the band play the whole Blue and Pinkerton albums, but theres plenty more songs that will be needed to fill out the 3 main weezer performances, and the people's choices are going directly to…


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2011/11/16 More Weezer Cruise News

...with just 2 months to go, the seemingly impossible, mythical idea of a 16 band rock cruise with weezer is starting to sink in - its really happening folks, and you could be there! Now here's some additional updates about what we're planning for this amazing 4 days in the Gulf of Mexico. (Full info and schedule at www.theweezercruise.com).


Onboard Activity Update -…


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2011/11/10 Rivers announces Pinkerton Diaries / Alone 3 Pre-order

Over on Rivers' site Riverscuomo.com, dont miss the news that The Pinkerton Diaries is at last ready for pre-order! The ordering page is there too of course, with a full description and photos that show all the book's amazing details, including various ordering packages that include special exclusive items. The 1st 500 orders also get an exclusive poster…


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2011/11/02 DeLuna Performances on Last Call With Carson Daily | Mikey Event in VT

On Thursday night, November 3rd at 1:35a/12:35 central, catch Weezer on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly performing "Surf Wax America" and "Beverly Hills" at Pensacola's 2nd annual DeLuna Music Festival. This episode will re-air on FUSE the following day at 2:30am, 6:30pm, and 10:30pm.

Then, on Friday night, Weezer will play “My Name is Jonas” at 1:35a/12:35 central on NBC (re-airing on FUSE the… Continue

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2011/10/14 Gulf Breeze, FL: Pensacola Beach: DeLuna Festival

Todays show is the opening day of the 3 day DeLuna Festival, which is a multi-stage event featuring a ton of bands including Jane's Addiction, The Shins, and Cake, amongst many many others. The scene is a sunny warm beach with nice breezes coming off the Gulf of Mexico, and music filling the air. Not bad!

Today is the last currently scheduled weezer show untill our Weezer Cruise launches in January. Thank you to… Continue

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2011/10/13 Weezer Cruise News Updates

...Today we traveled down to Pensacola, Florida, in preparation for tomorrows show at the beach-side Deluna Fest! [NOTE that single day tickets to this year's festival on Pensacola Beach are in fact available, just $75! See 


So, it was a day on planes trains and automobiles, and now, after plane… Continue

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2011/10/09 Chicago: Congress Theater: RIOTfest

Today is a hard day for weezer and all weezer friends, fans, and family. While everyone is still in shock over  yesterday's tragic loss of Mikey Welsh, we know damn well he would never have wanted to stop the rock at today's RIOTfest, the show he was planning on attending. On the contrary, the rock was what he loved, both in music and art. To play the show and play it well tonight is to honor him and his memory. We have a feeling he will be watching.

Tonight… Continue

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2011/10/08 our friend Mikey Welsh 1971-2011 R.I.P.

Mikey Welsh 1971-2011

Dear friends and fans,

It saddens me and the guys in Weezer so much to say that our beautiful, creative, hilarious and sweet friend Mikey Welsh has passed away at the very young age of 40. A unique talent, a deeply loving friend and father, and a great artist is gone, but we will never forget him. His chapter in the weezer story ('98 - '01) was vital,…


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2011/10/08 Thackerville, OK: WinStar World Casino: Global Event Center

After a relatively show-free stretch over the past few weeks, the weezer rock machine has kicked back into gear, reassembling at the WinStar World Casino, about 90 miles north of Dallas, in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Tonight's show is sold out, so its bound to be a good time. People have gathered from all over the place to get to this show, which makes sense because Thackerville itself is quite small, so there cant be more than like 20 weezer fans there. Maybe 23. 24…


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2011/09/29 Weezer Cruise Update: Another New Video! | Riotfest Blue/Pink Results!

Come with Pat on a tour of the Carnival Destiny, the Weezer Cruise vessel you'll be sailing on. The ship sets sail in January - four days of music, fun, sun from Miami to Cozumel... join us! http://www.theweezercruise.com/

Help spread the word, get rewarded!

If you're as into music as we know you are, then you're probably going to… Continue

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2011/09/22 Weezer Cruise Update: New Video + Info! | Chicago - Vote Blue or Pink

Its our second Weezer Cruise video, with the guys facing the tough cruise questions!

Weezer Cruise Onboard Activity Update

The second theme night is… 80s Prom Night!

Do you love the 80s as much as we do? We’re time-traveling back to the days when MTV actually played videos and everyone had just a little bit (…or a lot) of neon in their wardrobe.

Join us in showing your…


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2011/09/20 Toronto Bootleg release: save on Hurley weez merch!

...hey folks, special announcement - for the next 24 hours, we've got a deal going in our online store. We've just released the very anticipated Weezer Toronto Bootleg album, from the well loved Toronto Fest Canada Day show on 7/1/11. And If you order… Continue

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2011/09/15 Weezer Cruise Opening Credits Video, news!

Folks, The Weezer Cruise is shaping up to be what just could be the ultimate Weezer fan experience of all time... read on...

Thanks so much for coming to see Weezer rock out recently!  As a part of the Weezer family, we want to make sure you know about The Weezer Cruise sailing January 19-23, 2012 from Miami to… Continue

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2011/09/12 Weezer Cruise + more

Behold, the Weezer Cruise temporary tattoo! The band, myself and everyone working for weezer is getting more and more excited about the Weezer Cruise coming up in January. Stay tuned for some announcements later this week!!

...Brian did a pair of interviews at the recent festival show up in Squamish, B.C.. The first one was with Leacocks.com, and is kinda funny, and its linked to here.… Continue

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2011/09/11 Dana Point, CA: Doheny State Beach: Doheny Days Festival

Today is the second day of the 2 day Doheny Days Festival, and Weezer is closing the show tonight, following sets by the likes of Cake, Neon Trees, Ziggy Marley and Black Uhuru! This show is bound to be a good one, set up right on the beautiful Doheny State Beach by the Pacific Ocean.

Yours truly is unable to attend today's show, so its up to you guys to supply the photos today! Post them here on Weezer.com and I'll feature some of them in a featured album for today's show, and…


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2011/09/07 DeLuna Fest, FL: special deal for HS / college students

Folks, passing along some handy info here - tomorrow, Thursday, September 8, DeLuna Fest is offering a great deal for college and high school students....

"Starting at 6pm at Phineas Phogg's in Seville Quarter in Pensacola, DeLuna Fest will be selling weekend passes to the music festival happening Oct 14-16 for a flat fee of $105.00 to college and high school students. There will be only 1000… Continue

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2011/09/07 Things n' Stuff

hello folks - as the weezer gang gears up for this coming Sunday's show at the Doheny Days Festival in Dana point, CA, its high time for a mid week pause for some announcements and reminders.

...first of all, stay tuned for a fresh round of Weezer Cruise announcements, as the details on all the myriad and sundry activities we'll be having on the boat is being finalized shortly. We've got some really cool stuff… Continue

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2011/09/03 Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota State Fair: Grandstand

Its a beautiful evening in Minneapolis, perfect weather for the midway, the livestock competitions, the jumbo corn dogs! There could be no better capper on the evening than a set from our late '09 tour buddies Motion City Soundtrack, followed by Weezer of course! Everyone is rip roarin' and ready to go, including even yours truly who had a trains planes and automobiles nightmare including some lost luggage - but they dont call me MacGyver for nothing! The show must…


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2011/08/27 Indio, CA: Fantasy Springs Resort Hotel & Casino: Event Center

Today Team Weezer reconnoiters for a show way out in the desert zone of SoCal, not too far from the mighty polo grounds of Coachella. The Fantasy Springs Resort is an oasis of pools, food and entertainment in an otherwise dusty, thunderstormy 113 degree landscape of desert and highway, and the Fantasy Springs Event Center is the place to be today to catch the Weez...…


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2011/08/23 Muppets Green Album Out today!

Today marks the release of "Muppets: The Green Album", an album of covers of classic Muppets tracks. This Green Album, just like Weezer's Green Album, features some great weezer music, in the form of "Rainbow Connection" by weezer and Paramore's Hayley Williams. And thats just one of the many songs on the album. Listen here.

 ...Some pix from the 7/28 PNC show from Rolling Stone… Continue

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