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2013/01/17 Australasia Tour 2013: Melbourne, Australia: Palais Theatre

...Today's show is unique on this tour, its the only Pinkerton Memories night. Its taking place at the historic and beautiful Palais Theatre, which is in the St. Kilda area, and is right next door to the site of one of the original 1996 Melbourne weezer shows at the Palace club, which burned down several years ago. So, we came pretty close to recreating the original experience, but I think we upped the ante, with the set of "lesser known fan fave classics…


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2013/01/16 Australasia Tour 2013: Melbourne, Australia: Sidney Myer Music Bowl

...After a day off in the fine metropolis of Melbourne, which included a visit to JJJ Radio from Pat and Scott, and Rivers and Brian attending the David Byrne show, and yours truly battling a nasty cold (joy joy), we have re-assembled at the impressive Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Its a magnificent sunshiney day today, and the sonorous echoes of the various bands' soundchecks are reflecting to and fro thru the concrete canyons of the Bowl, as the final…


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2013/01/13 Australasia Tour 2013: Brisbane, Australia: Brisbane Entertainment Centre

At long last the Weezer train has stopped in Australia! 16 years is far too long to wait, but the much appreciated patience of the Australian fans is finally getting rewarded. Tonight we are in Australia's 3rd largest city Brisbane - or we were when we were at the hotel - now we're actually at an arena built way outside the city for the Commonwealth games some years ago. Eh, whatever works!

Opening for the Australia run are Ball Park Music, a…


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2013/01/11 Australasia Tour 2013: Auckland, New Zealand: Vector Arena

Today marks only the second time Weezer has ever played in New Zealand, the last time being way back in the 90's on the Pinkerton Tour. It feels great to finally be back here! It's a shame we cant just hang out here and look for Lord Of The Rings locations out in the countryside, but theres only so much time on the ground here, and ancient underground dwarven cities take time to explore. Anyway, there's hardly anything to do in Erebor anymore, plus the…


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2013/01/08 Australasia Tour 2013: Jakarta, Indonesia: Lapangan Senayan Stadium

At long last the first show of the Australasia Tour is here, at a walled in outdoor area at the Lapangan Senayan Stadium in Jakarta. It rained quite a bit today so the grounds are quite wet and muddy (say goodbye to your shoes), but now the skies have cleared for the evening and the people have flooded in, and they are clearly ultra excited and ready to rock. It's about time we did this!

Outside the show area they set up a side stage where local bands have…


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2013/01/07 Arrival in Jakarta and Press Conference

Well it took 18 years, but Weezer finally set foot in Indonesia today, after about 20+ hours of flying including a layover in Hong Kong. Jakarta (apparently nicknamed "The Big Durian") is unbelievably massive, one of the largest metro areas in the world, and growing fast still. The traffic is nuts, the weather is wet and warm, and the city is just buzzing at all times. The Indonesian people have been extremely warm and friendly, and the Weezer fans we have met…


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2012/12/25 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Weezer!

...Hi folks- Hope you are having a great holiday season - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukkah, Happy Kwaanza, or happy whatever works for ya.

Time sure does fly by when you are having fun. 2012 found us skipping to and fro, playing shows on cruise ships, in theaters, at festivals, state fairs, casinos and more. 2013 looks to be another fun year, as we do the Australasia Tour 2013 in Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia in January, and we…


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2012/12/09 Happy Birthday Brian Bell! ||| more

Happy Birthday to Brian Bell! Brian, keep rocking the guitar, keyboards, vocals, and fine dresswear the way you do. Brian Bell: where rock collides with fashion, and both emerge victorious.


...Hey, folks - You may have seen a year or so ago that '92-'98 weez bassman and Rentals leader Matt put out a new Rentals album called "Songs About Time". However this was only available as a super deluxe limited box set, so not many people had the chance to…


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2012/11/11 Orlando, FL: Hard Rock Live: Memories Pinkerton

...Night two of the Florida Memories duo was one for all time. 16 years (!) after we teamed up with Ash in Florida back in 12/96 on the Pinkerton Tour, all the pieces of that 90's puzzle were back in play, probably only a few miles from where it had all gone down before. Only this time Ash had more than '1977' to draw off of for their setlist, While weezer specifically played only their '96 album, plus a set of hits and rarities. For the second night I did my best to share some of the old…


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2012/11/10 Orlando, FL: Hard Rock Live: Memories Blue Album

...After a not very long post show bus ride, we arrived in Orlando late last night to rest up for a pair of Memories shows here in Orlando, one for the Blue album, one for Pinkerton. The original Memories Tour never made it down to this neck of the woods, so we're very excited to finally deliver the full measure of the classic weez plus the hits and rarities to the Golden Floridian Empire. So far this mini tour with Ash has been great, so these 2 nights in Orlando…


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2012/11/09 St. Petersburg, FL: The Mahaffey Theater

...We travelled by bus overnight to the mellow, stylish burg of St. Petersburg, on Florida's West coast, and got some z's, rising today to a gloious fall day here in Florida. We headed over to the very nice Mahaffey Theater, whose backstage halls are festooned with posters of all the classy productions of musicals and Lord of the Dance and such that have been here over the years. Its nice to know Weezer is in a place where we belong.

Ash is soundchecking…


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2012/11/08 Hollywood, FL: Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

...Today we reunite with our "90's modern rock" brothers, Ash for a 4 show mini tour in Florida, where we last played with them way back in '96 on the Pinkerton Tour. We last saw Tim Wheeler at the Nano-Mugen Festival last summer, and the last time the 2 bands crossed paths was some Euro festivals in '02 or so. But as far as sharing the stage, this is the first time in a long time, and we couldnt be happier to see them again.

Tonights show and tomorrows in St. Petersburg are regular…


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2012/10/14 Phoenix, AZ: Veterans Memorial Coliseum At Arizona State Fair

Its a dry sunny 91 degree mid-October day here in Arizona, the perfect day for a fair. We rolled into Phoenix this morning after an overnight bus ride from Valley Center. After a little downtime this morning at a hotel, we rolled into the fairgrounds, where we last played 2 years ago. The midway and grounds were as we remembered, huge, colorful and full of sights, sounds, and smells. Inside the venerable Veterans Memorial Coliseum, things are cooler, darker, and…


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2012/10/13 Valley Center, CA: Harrah's Rincon Casino: Open Sky Theater

A complicated travel day today, as we awoke early in Austin, went to the airport, flew to San Diego, got on a tour bus, and bussed an hour up to the Harrah's Rincon Casino in Valley Center for tonights show. After a few hours of chill time in the hotel, which is tucked into a remote valley deep in the mountains of the Rincon Indian Reservation, the sun has gone down and the Open Sky Theater is ready to supply the rock to the SoCal masses coming in from San Diego,…


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2012/10/12 Austin, TX: Zilker Park: Austin City Limits Festival

We flew from L.A. to Austin, Texas last night and settled into town, enjoying a little downtime as the city ramped up for the festival, with every hotel booked solid and the bars and the restaurants packed. Today we fought the car and pedestrian traffic and made our way into the huge Zilker Park, taking van and golf cart deeper and deeper into a labyrinthine web of paths, roads and fenced off lanes that finally led us to our temporary HQ in the wilds behind the AMD…


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2012/10/10 Fresno, CA: Fresno County Fair

...Today we boarded a sleek li'l jet in Van Nuys, CA and proceeded forthwith with haste to Fresno, CA, to play the Fresno County Fair. We arrived mid afternoon and realized we were in the midst of a massive fair zone featuring some familiar all-American sights, including the carnival midway, the huge livestock buildings, ferris wheels, bungee jumping, waffle cakes, agricultural marvels, and talent competitions.

Its been a long time since weezer has made a…


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2012/09/29 Newark, DE: Christiana Mall: Microsoft Store Opening

Photos in this album courtesy of The Microsoft Store, Kristina Francis, Tony DiNardo, Ollie desserts on my mind, monicarysavy, Danielle Sikorski, Cindy Choi, Tim Kadtke, Mike Chan, Nick Ippolito, and Andrea Kaiser. Thank you!

Folks, today is a special Weezer show in the second smallest state, Delaware. Heres a basic round up of the info fans can use to go to this show, in case you are going and need some 411:

Todays show is at an outdoor stage…


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2012/09/15 Baltimore, MD: Inner Harbor: Charm City Music Festival

...After an all night drive thru the rolling misty mountains of Western new York and Pennsylvania, we pulled into Baltimore in the late morning, affording a few hours for chilling before heading down to the Charm City Music Festival, in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Today's show is a festival featuring Jah Works, The All Mighty Senators who I remember were already rocking Baltimore in my late 80s MICA days, old DGC labelmates from the 90s Southern Culture On The Skids, Stephen…


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2012/09/14 Rama, Ontario, Canada: Rama Casino: Entertainment Centre

...After a few weeks in rock limbo, Weezer has reassembled like a Voltron 200 watt full stack, this time in the pastoral  Chippewas of Rama First Nation land near Rama, Ontario, Canada, On the shores of Lake Couchiching, not far from Lake Simcoe. Up here its all about the great outdoors, but they built a very impressive indoor structure, the Rama Casino, which is where the rock takes place in these parts. So we are oddly surrounded by lakes, birds, corn, and clean…


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2012/08/29 Rocking Vinyl, Rocking Shows, Etc

...folks, those of you who like to hear their weezer on 12" platters of vinyl, there is reason for celebration. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs have started a Weezer series of 180 gram reissue LP's. The first 2 releases are coming out on September 18th and they are the Blue Album and the Lion And The Witch EP - which has never been on vinyl before! Both are limited numbered editions, with the lion And the Witch limited to 3000 copies. MFSL will ultimately be releasing…


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