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2013/01/23 Australasia Tour 2013: Perth, Australia: Perth Arena

All good things must come to an end, and this is true today, the final show of the Weezer Australasia Tour 2013. It's only been 3 weeks of travel but its created a lifetime of memories for the band and the fans of 3 countries alike. Everyone agrees that this was a fantastic and fun tour and we all hope we can return to all these cities (and more) soon.

Tonight's gig at the surprisingly cozy and welcoming Perth Arena (arenas are not known for feeling cozy…


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2013/01/19 Australasia Tour 2013: Sydney, Australia: Sydney Entertainment Centre

Yesterday we arrived in Sydney, which happened to be the day of an all time record breaking high temperature of 45.8 degrees Celsius (114 F). Despite the heat, we quickly made friends with this beautiful city, and much walking around and exploring was done, albeit with sweaters to keep off the chill. Today we gathered our gear and our wits, then lost our wits again, and assembled down at the giant Sydney Entertainment Centre, home of the deeply beloved…


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2013/01/17 Australasia Tour 2013: Melbourne, Australia: Palais Theatre

...Today's show is unique on this tour, its the only Pinkerton Memories night. Its taking place at the historic and beautiful Palais Theatre, which is in the St. Kilda area, and is right next door to the site of one of the original 1996 Melbourne weezer shows at the Palace club, which burned down several years ago. So, we came pretty close to recreating the original experience, but I think we upped the ante, with the set of "lesser known fan fave classics…


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2013/01/16 Australasia Tour 2013: Melbourne, Australia: Sidney Myer Music Bowl

...After a day off in the fine metropolis of Melbourne, which included a visit to JJJ Radio from Pat and Scott, and Rivers and Brian attending the David Byrne show, and yours truly battling a nasty cold (joy joy), we have re-assembled at the impressive Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Its a magnificent sunshiney day today, and the sonorous echoes of the various bands' soundchecks are reflecting to and fro thru the concrete canyons of the Bowl, as the final…


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2013/01/13 Australasia Tour 2013: Brisbane, Australia: Brisbane Entertainment Centre

At long last the Weezer train has stopped in Australia! 16 years is far too long to wait, but the much appreciated patience of the Australian fans is finally getting rewarded. Tonight we are in Australia's 3rd largest city Brisbane - or we were when we were at the hotel - now we're actually at an arena built way outside the city for the Commonwealth games some years ago. Eh, whatever works!

Opening for the Australia run are Ball Park Music, a…


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2013/01/11 Australasia Tour 2013: Auckland, New Zealand: Vector Arena

Today marks only the second time Weezer has ever played in New Zealand, the last time being way back in the 90's on the Pinkerton Tour. It feels great to finally be back here! It's a shame we cant just hang out here and look for Lord Of The Rings locations out in the countryside, but theres only so much time on the ground here, and ancient underground dwarven cities take time to explore. Anyway, there's hardly anything to do in Erebor anymore, plus the…


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2013/01/08 Australasia Tour 2013: Jakarta, Indonesia: Lapangan Senayan Stadium

At long last the first show of the Australasia Tour is here, at a walled in outdoor area at the Lapangan Senayan Stadium in Jakarta. It rained quite a bit today so the grounds are quite wet and muddy (say goodbye to your shoes), but now the skies have cleared for the evening and the people have flooded in, and they are clearly ultra excited and ready to rock. It's about time we did this!

Outside the show area they set up a side stage where local bands have…


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2013/01/07 Arrival in Jakarta and Press Conference

Well it took 18 years, but Weezer finally set foot in Indonesia today, after about 20+ hours of flying including a layover in Hong Kong. Jakarta (apparently nicknamed "The Big Durian") is unbelievably massive, one of the largest metro areas in the world, and growing fast still. The traffic is nuts, the weather is wet and warm, and the city is just buzzing at all times. The Indonesian people have been extremely warm and friendly, and the Weezer fans we have met…


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