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Journal Entry on a Weezer Website

It's hot as hell out. I am currently sitting at a cafe called Agora in Houston, TX. I am drinking hot tea instead of beer because it's cheaper and does not leave me feeling woozy. Last night, I came up with an insane marketing idea. I thought I would email random bands to tell them about my new ebook. Bands such as Weezer have been mentioned in my book Gypsy multiple times. So I found a website that claimed to have real band email addresses. Lies I tell you. These addresses were phony. -At…


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Green Album Review!

Rating: 5/5


Drawing influence from structures of Nirvana, productions of Oasis, and the straightforwardness of classic rock, Weezer gave a seamlessly calculated and precise take on what pop-rock and power-pop is at its absolute finest. With Weezer, also known as the Green Album, there are guitars that sound like they’re close to exploding their speakers, there are relatable, occasionally mysterious, and often inspirational lyrics, and there is zesty…


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SCVNGR + Gowalla for Weezer Fans

We've sent a few tweets and status updates about this and figured it deserves a full blog. We've been trying out some location based initiatives and you can use them at any of the remaining Memories tour dates!


First up: SCVNGR - add this to your iPhone or Android device and participate in one of several "challenges" at Weezer shows to get a merch discount. Don't worry they aren't hard - a picture of the show, checking into the…


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