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Fave Weezer Record??

What is your favorite Weezer record and what memories do you have tied to it?

Mine personally would have to be Pinkerton.   I remember buying the CD when it came out being completely happy.   It was a surprising new, and hard to get my head around sound that I was used to from the Blue record, and even other records that were out around the same time.   It had such a raw and live feel to it, and that's something to this day that inspires me each time I press record as I work…


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In honour of the cruise...

I created a Weezer radio/video station! :)

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

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RIP Mikey Welsh

This past Sunday, I woke up to the news that Mikey Welsh, the former bassist of my favorite all time band Weezer had passed away at the age of 40.  I spent the rest of the day completely in shock, and thoughts of Mikey, life, and mortality were never far from my mind.

My story with Mikey Welsh goes back to around 1998-1999.  When I first read about Mikey… Continue

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Journal Entry on a Weezer Website

It's hot as hell out. I am currently sitting at a cafe called Agora in Houston, TX. I am drinking hot tea instead of beer because it's cheaper and does not leave me feeling woozy. Last night, I came up with an insane marketing idea. I thought I would email random bands to tell them about my new ebook. Bands such as Weezer have been mentioned in my book Gypsy multiple times. So I found a website that claimed to have real band email addresses. Lies I tell you. These addresses were phony. -At…


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Weezer Hates Oklahoma City, OK

For some reason, ever since Weezer first toured the US in 1994, not once have they played a show in Oklahoma City!


The closest show to OKC was in Claremore, OK in 2001.. which was a DECADE ago! Still, Claremore is 134 miles away from OKC.


Weezer has played in Missoula, Montana so why not Oklahoma City? We have an NBA team with the Thunder, so we do exist!


Once you come here, you'll get all the people that have waited 17 years and 9 albums for a…


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My Name Is... Sanyi

Hello everybody! My name is Sandor Balint, and I'm from Hungary, Europe.

But, you just call me Sanyi. I'm a 26 years old boy. The music is a very important in my life.

I'm a huge fan of Weezer. They give me an inspiration, and much more.... 


My hobbies are: Singing, and singing, alone or with my friends. I also a big fan of the rock band, Queen. …


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Weezer's moment of redemption: The Album 5 demos

I've talked about my love of Weezer many many times (click here to read about it again if you want to). The years between 2000-2002 were a particularly dark time for me as a Weezer fan. I wasn't 100% happy with the style that the band took on The Green Album and Maladroit. Looking back on things, I just realize that it was too big of a change musically that I didn't really connect with. Over… Continue

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Memories of Weezer

When I was 13, the Blue album came out.
I loved it. It was my favorite cassette tape, later my first Compact Disc.

I had a weezer t-shirt in high school it was dark blue with the white lettering.
I went to a small school far from any big cities, and most of the kids didnt know who weezer was, and began to call me by the nickname 'weezer' because of the shirt. I didn't mind.

I didn't love Pinkerton when it came out. It was…

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Mile High Fest Recap Aug 15, 2010

For those who may not have seen past blogs of mine, this is a little info on my CO adventure. This was my first time to really get to be at a Weezer concert! I was so excited! Before they were able to come on, they had to take the big W down because of the wind, and so it would not fall and hurt someone! While waiting before they came on, the screens had to be lowered down because of the wind, and were right in front of me; talk about being bigger than life, and up close and personal! They…

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AZ Fall Frenzy 2010

After arriving in PX I had enough time to get my will call ticket, and chill out before the next day. Next morn I headed to the Tempe park, very excited, and waited for the gate to open. Well Folks, you talk about heat, even for PX metro it was HOT! Trying to have shade, and wait for Weezer was a task! There was some very good music like Blue October, and Devo, just to name a few! I patiently waited, trying to get a good spot at the front barriers. I managed to get at the front right side…

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One week later and I’ll say this…my first review was a bit off the mark. With about 20 listens, I can give you a better review.…


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Karl, The Site Looks Great!

Just wanted to say it feels great to be a Weezer fan these days, and this site is a testament to that. You did such a great job Karl, I love how personal it is. Can't wait to start posting on the forums, layout for that looks just as great as the rest of the site.

Can't wait to throw my green Hurley on vinyl today!


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Only one year after the poppy and…

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My personal Top 5 Weezer moments

The Special Goodness visit my house in 1999. was the place to be for Weezer fans in 1998-1999. Pat gave us some of our only glimpses into the Weezer world at the time. It was pretty exciting. A picture here, a picture there. They mentioned the band Fu Manchu quite a bit. I didn't know what to make of it, but when Pat announced that the Special Goodness were going on tour and they…

Added by Justin Hoenke [honkey doorie] on September 8, 2010 at 8:02am — 2 Comments

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