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Blogomatic Day 27: Piece of the [Pumpkin] Pie

Greetings and salutations from the most boring day of the US calendar. The day before Thanksgiving, when everyone (else) is either traveling, grocery shopping, cooking, and who-know-what-else, maybe blowing up Macy's Parade balloons or something.

The slowest day at the office is now over and I'm thinking about pie. And since all roads lead to weezer, pie = piece of the pie = Rivers = weezer = a bunch of things I am thankful for!

When you push aside all the pilgrim hats and…


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Day 17: The night the lights went out in Georgia

Okay, not Georgia. But the lights DID go out and prevented me from posting.  My thoughts are with those who suffered more loss from the recent tornadoes than just a few hours without power. Scary stuff.

Through the miracle of backdating I am going to cheat and get caught up with my NaBloPoMo posts!  I think this may work.  I was enjoying having the daily assignment!

On Saturday, I'll be rocking out with weezer in Pennsylvania! YEAH!  Feels like a long time since my last show,…


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Lucky 13: Nothing is more entertaining right now than

weezer's retweets.  Hysterical. 

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weezablogapostathonathon Day 11: Die!

The only musicians that I've intentionally seen in concert more than once are Metallica, Iggy Pop, Paul Simonon (as part of Havana 3 a.m.), and our friends weezer. 

My first Metallica show was also my first huge, enormous, monster arena show. I felt a bit overwhelmed as I took in the great rock spectacle and the enthusiastic crowd.  I was getting comfortable and enjoying the show a lot, when during Creeping Death, the "DIE!" chant started. Now, I grew up during the big "oooh, metal is…


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Day 10: I am so punk rock

I am not posting today. See you tomorrow!

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And on the eighth day, I rest.

I'm still down with the blogarama but tonight I'm taking a break. A cold has gotten the better of me. Someone pass the tissue and some tea, please? :)

Back tomorrow with concertgoing tips! Do you have any you want to share? 

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Day 7: Unintentional Instagramaganza

Heads up creative folks! Another cool cruise contest - design a poster for the weezer cruise, and win oohs and aahs from weezer fans AND a copy of your own awesome poster signed by the band! 

The show last night looked short but sweet - I saw several photos on Instagram of…


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Bloggity blog blog Day 3: everything in its place

Today I was putting away some tickets and other souvenirs from recent shows, and as always, opening my box of weezer mementos made me smile. I keep most everything in there so I don't misplace things. I'd like to get a shadow box someday and display some of my collection, but for now the box is great.

Where do you keep your memorabilia? Ticket stub diary? Shoebox? Dresser drawer? I am not a scrapbooky gal, but that would be a fun way to keep pics, tickets, and other things together.… Continue

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blogorama day 2 - Chicago, the weezery city; Meetups

Today's link from weezerpedia was this setlist from a show in Chicago in 2009, which made me consider the role of Chicago in my fandom and how awesome weezer fan meetups are.

Chicago is nice for me because as a cornfield-surrounded midwesterner, it's within driving distance. Most weezer shows for me require air travel, so it's great to have a major city…


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NaBloPoMo: weezer fan style

It's November, and that means NaBloPoMo is underway! National Blog Posting Month challenges bloggers to write one post a day for the entire month. I thought it might be fun to try this here on my blog, and choose a different weezer topic as a writing prompt each day.

If anyone else would like to try it, I think it would be fun. You don't have to write an essay each day, just a post. If you miss a day just start up again the next - don't quit! 



Added by Lisa on November 1, 2013 at 7:00am — 3 Comments

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