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I'm not going to have time later as I start work at 4 and get out at 9 today so I'll do this now. At the moment what's weezery in my mind is hearing Pats song on Red Album. Haha

I'm a very audio driven person and hearing good sounds make me happy. He makes very good sounds with his vocal chords lol I would like to hear more. If someone can find me more Pat singing. I would be grateful

Also on my mind is how infectious Weezer kinda is. One of my coworkers posted a status… Continue

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day seven: mechanical pencils.

Today Rose Tours announced a new design competition for the Weezer Cruise. I gathered up some drawing materials and a sketchbook. I had a few ideas to start out with. I think that I may have settled on one concept.

Despite my art training, I've not entered many design competitions over the years. I've made a decision though to see this project through. If anything I'll have a work of art as an end result.

I was less self conscious about the Instagram competition. I think that I…


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Day 7: Unintentional Instagramaganza

Heads up creative folks! Another cool cruise contest - design a poster for the weezer cruise, and win oohs and aahs from weezer fans AND a copy of your own awesome poster signed by the band! 

The show last night looked short but sweet - I saw several photos on Instagram of…


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Ugh...I'm losing momentum yall i almost forgot to post today. Umm i guess today I'll talk about how I was playing a bunch of Weezer songs on Rock Band (super old game for those who dont know) I sang El Scorcho on Medium and got 95% so I guess that means I can be pretty good singer. 

Which makes me excited for the cruise with Karokee. Hopefully I can win some sort of prize? Theres prizes right? lol but anyways I'm wayy to excited for the cruise and all Weezer…


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day six: the memories tour, 2010.

December 2010, I travelled to New York city to hear Weezer perform live for the very first time. My expectations were high. The band of course exceeded those expectations. Their high energy and heartfelt performance across the two nights, stirred something inside of me.

Meeting the people behind the music, was a very wonderful experience. I shook Scott's hand as I introduced myself. I said "I've come from Australia for this show." He said "Wow! That's great Danielle!" Rivers shot me a…


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Six Hits

Weezer is reportedly playing a private gig tonight. I bet if you sit quietly and focus, you can feel the Force, I mean Rock, as they melt faces privately. If anyone attended, please post details!

There are at least two contests that could win you a spot on the cruise (which sets sail in fewer than 100 days!). The Ticketmaster one ends soon, so enter fast! Details in my forum post here:… Continue

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I just want to talk about how much Weezer is kinda a bonding family type thing. I can sit there and talk for hours with random people on Facebook about it, or with random people on the street, or my old boss lol. It makes me happy to know that something I enjoy can bring other happiness and I have people who talk to me. Being in this fandom has gotten me so many new friends. Kinda similar yesterday's post about my tattoo… Continue

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Noblopomo time flies

Eeek I have been doing my homework all night and its 2:15 AM!!! With that I'll leave you all with these lyrics .... something better than nothing eh?

Life is moving fast and I'm running out of gas

Time ain't on my side

I'm still in the race and I'm barely keeping pace

But it's worth the ride

Waiting round the corner

There's another sweet surprise

Time flies when you're having fun

Time flies when you live on the run

The harder I go, the… Continue

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day five:

Hello folks. I'm afraid I'm a little under the weather today. So I'll keep it brief.

I posted a couple pictures from the Vegas show in July. I had only just moved to America from Australia. Michael and I pretty much hit the ground running in terms of live gigs. It's been a really great year for shows and new music releases.

We had the pleasure of heading to Las Vegas to hear Weezer perform. Of course they blew us away with a great setlist. It was lovely to catch up with the…


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Day V

I grow weary as I have exhausted my supply of Halloween candy that's been fueling my NaBloPoMo enthusiasm. How am I to go on without the oversugared buzz of inspiration?

Coffee? Yes! That will sustain me through November. And through life, probably. :) mmmmm.

So, weezer. Where were we? My inspiration page today was one of many aol-chat interviews with Rivers from the maladroit era, and it made me miss the correspondence of yore. It sure is awesome to be a fan of a band… Continue

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Day 5

This one will be short haha kinda loosing my flow a little bit. I think or it's just a lazy day. Yea lazy day

I just want to comment on how much of a conversation starter my tattoo is. I'll post it below for those who've never seen it. But it's a Weezer tattoo and I get a lot of questions/comments about it.

"You must really like them" yes

"Oh those are cute glasses" thanks *thats not the part to focus on tho*

"What's it for?" It's a band I like "what band" Weezer.… Continue

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Beeblopaloola Day 4: On the radio

Can you believe it's getting easier to think of things to write about? I think just the awareness of this little experiment is making me more observant of the many weezer related thoughts that might cross my mind. Kind of like Instagram making me more aware of the beauty around me because I look for it more now.

So much has been written about music streaming services. Are they bad, good, indifferent to bands and fans and others in the business? I grew up on FM radio. I remember… Continue

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Second noblopomo post - national candy day

I have been trying to eat healthy ( no candy in my home) and since October 31st we have had excess candy following a candy shortage. After months of being healthy I have been eating junk non stop... So here I go again. Step one is admitting you have a problem. I am a candy addict and this pops into my head everytime I see it:

I know it isn't right

But still I have to fight

I have to let you know

I don't wanna let you go

The pain is killing me

But I can't let… Continue

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Day 4.

Because posting that long as title only took 3 days to get old. Lol butttt I'm still at it. I'm surprising myself. Usually with these things I only manage to last a day or two but I've doubled my usual! Woo

But anyways last you read I was talking about my career. I like to do little recaps. I dont know why. But moving on. I think today I'll talk a bit more about that but I'm going to relate my last two posts.

I have a very strong theory I guess I'll call it err opinion.… Continue

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NaBloPoMo- Weezer Style- Day 3

Last you all read my sob story about how Weezer's music was there to comfort me in my times of need, save me from depression, yada yada.

Now time for more life connections but now let's compare to my career choices, since this will prolly be the second longest of posts. I'll easy the pain and add other influences to this mixer so it's not all about Weezer. *start playing Beverly Hills at this point, maybe loop it*

I know deep in my heart of hearts that I belong in the… Continue

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Bloggity blog blog Day 3: everything in its place

Today I was putting away some tickets and other souvenirs from recent shows, and as always, opening my box of weezer mementos made me smile. I keep most everything in there so I don't misplace things. I'd like to get a shadow box someday and display some of my collection, but for now the box is great.

Where do you keep your memorabilia? Ticket stub diary? Shoebox? Dresser drawer? I am not a scrapbooky gal, but that would be a fun way to keep pics, tickets, and other things together.… Continue

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day three: devotion

I'm afraid it's been a rough 24 hrs, so I'll just share this link to a Ustream video of Weezer rehearsing the song Devotion. A beautiful rendition don't you think?

I'm sure some of my friends here were watching the live Ustream with me at the time. Many thanks to the person who posted these videos online so that we may revisit them.…


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NoBloPoMo. 1st attempt

I haver never been consistent with such things but here I go with my first entry. Not so long ago I was on my way to make a big decision. I kept on questioning myself but Pork and Beans kept on playing in my head. Instead of listening to others around me with their own agendas I listened to my intuition. This song played like a soundtrack that drove the force. It happened to be the exact right moment and I am glad I made this decision. I believe there is some cosmic radio that if you listen… Continue

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blogorama day 2 - Chicago, the weezery city; Meetups

Today's link from weezerpedia was this setlist from a show in Chicago in 2009, which made me consider the role of Chicago in my fandom and how awesome weezer fan meetups are.

Chicago is nice for me because as a cornfield-surrounded midwesterner, it's within driving distance. Most weezer shows for me require air travel, so it's great to have a major city…


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NaBloPoMo- Weezer Style- Day 2

Well Ima have to do this at midnight coz I'm not really going to have any time for it later in the day seeing as I have work, and I'm committed to finishing a 30day challenge at least once in my life.

Anyways tho as I was saying last blog if you happened to read it was about influences bands have over me. Well music in general but since this is a website for Weezer I'll specify how they have influenced me.

I'll start off with one of my strongest points which falls back… Continue

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