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day twenty: creativity.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to get out some art materials and sketch. I'm still living out of boxes (in terms of art), however I am just a couple weeks from setting up a drafting table and light box. It really is a luxury to have a space for creating art. It's not something I take for granted. To be able to express oneself creatively is a truly wonderful experience.

We all express ourselves in different ways. Whether it be through Instagram or composing a letter to a friend, we…


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days eighteen & nineteen: longevity.

Due to technical difficulties, I couldn't post yesterday. In any case we were at a show. Explosions in the Sky supporting Nine Inch Nails.

I'd love to hear Explosions in a smaller venue than say the Rose Garden (Portland's stadium venue). It brought me so much pleasure to observe my husband as he heard one of his favorite bands performing. It was a great experience to share with him.

Something else worth mentioning was Trent Reznor's comments at the end of the evening. It was along… Continue

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I'm coming undone, in more ways than one

Sorry I just wanted that to rhyme, blah listening to the sweater song also makes me think of Korns Coming Undone haha

But I'm a bit crazy these past few days. Which when time provides has led me to the conclusion I need to write. As for it's the only way I can express my frustration other than confronting the aggravators but how do you confront your own flesh and blood?

I has family drama major family drama

Blah blah blah.

Anyways let's hope… Continue

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Watch me unravel I'll soon be naked

If you opened this page up and hoped to find some dirty made an error but I can redirect you... seriously though...eww... move along ...

Anyway I feel so exposed with this blog thingy... I'm a super private person who sometimes has boundary issues :/ go figure...eek see I'm unravelling as I type. Can't wait till this challenge is done before I end up handing out my social security number...kidding. I do still feel kinda exposed though...

Going to be super busy… Continue

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Day 18: If you're wondering..

What this is going to be about in not quite sure. I found pants today haha (read two posts ago about my "I'm too skinny rant") unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg ($70) but they fit me good, and right now that's all I really care about

I'm super pumped for Friday because that's pay day and I get to make my last payment for the Cruise that day. Then it's all set and I just need my flight hotel and (maybe) passport.

Umm that's ill post today I'm not really in a posty… Continue

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Everybody get dangerous

So I drop off my kiddo at school today and one boy from another classroom sees her. He calls out to her and yells "remember when we smashed the window and there was glass everywhere"!! All the doors are open and the teachers that heard all peek out to the hallway and give me questionable glances. My kid chuckles and I look down and ignore. ({ the story behind this}} We were at an adults birthday party this weekend and all the kiddies ( ages about (3-7)) decided that they were making their own… Continue

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day seventeen: family.

This weekend I was reminded of the importance of family in our lives. Despite the thousands of miles between Australia and America, I still maintain a close relationship with my family.

I have felt so welcome among new friends and family here also. I hope that I don't ever take it for granted that I've connected with some pretty amazing people. Some of which I've met through our community of Weezer fans.

I hope you have all enjoyed a good weekend, despite the wild storms in…


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Day 17: The night the lights went out in Georgia

Okay, not Georgia. But the lights DID go out and prevented me from posting.  My thoughts are with those who suffered more loss from the recent tornadoes than just a few hours without power. Scary stuff.

Through the miracle of backdating I am going to cheat and get caught up with my NaBloPoMo posts!  I think this may work.  I was enjoying having the daily assignment!

On Saturday, I'll be rocking out with weezer in Pennsylvania! YEAH!  Feels like a long time since my last show,…


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I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

Past few days have been hard. It usually takes some time for things to sink in. It's sinking in... I really had to push myself to get to work today. These are the times that I really wish I could write music. When I was younger I used to try to make my own music with my own "musical" notes by trying to write what I can best describe as basically peaks and valleys of sound on a paper. Wonder if I could find my old "songs" and figure out what I "wrote". Hmmm wondering if writing my jibberish… Continue

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Day 17. Troublemaker

Anyone in the Illinois area knows that we had a super crazy day today. Tornado threats, touchdowns, crazy winds. A tornado even wiped out a small town in Illinois (Washington, if y'all can take a moment to pray for the small town if religion is your thing) blah Mother Nature is such a troublemaker

I am as well tho haha yesterday I ditched work, for a well needed lazy day. My jack*** boss thinks it's cute to "punish" us like we are children, my "punishment" was getting a day taken off… Continue

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day sixteen: she shreds.

We just returned home from a live gig, featuring three bands. The band, 'Upset' were second on the bill. They were pretty good. They had a kind of upbeat delivery, courtesy of the lead singer Ali Koehler, who said a little something about the songs as she introduced them.

The headliner of the night was a band called 'Screaming Females'. A trio from New Jersey, the band is lead by Marissa Paternoster, a very skilled guitarist, vocalist and high energy performer. It was the…


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Day 16: Seasons

Do you associate weezer albums with certain seasons? I do a bit. Blue is definitely Summer, Maladroit is Fall and Pinkerton is Winter. Green has a late Spring thing going on. The others are more season-neutral for me. How about you?

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Day 16.

Ugh I don't know what to post about. Today turned into a frustrating day for me. I have to find clothes for my new job and I just can't do it. As in I can't find stuff that fits me.

People claim it's all hunky dorry being skinny. I don't get why people want to be a stick, it's just as bad as being plump if not worse. At least stores are starting to cater to plumper people. Ain't no hope for us skinnies

If I do find clothes it's super expensive and I can't afford… Continue

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day fifteen: the city of roses.

I thought I might take the opportunity to share with you my love for my new home of Portland.

I moved here in July of this year, my visa having finally cleared. I'd often pondered the idea of living in a different city other than the one that I grew up in (Sydney, Australia). I do love Australia, however, I always felt that I wanted to broaden my horizons.

I've travelled through different countries over the years. I've had memorable experiences and encountered some very…


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WAA. Day 15

I feel like I should be in Weezer addicts anon. Haha this is like so big an issue that I have been bribed by a friend to come to one of his shows with the offer of "well play a Weezer song and dedicate it to you" haha

Which happened minus the direct dedication haha.

First step to solving your problem is admiting you have one haha.

Their band is called 314 on Main Street if your interested, my buddy is the drummer :D

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You didn't think I'd miss tonight, did you? NEVER.

Added by Lisa on November 15, 2013 at 7:57pm — 1 Comment

When I look in the mirror I can't believe what I see

Wrinkles and bags!!! What the?? When did this happen?? Any beauty tips? What works for you to get that youthful glow? For me it's a good nights sleep.. Something I haven't been getting much of lately :/

Added by Natkat on November 15, 2013 at 1:34pm — 1 Comment

Day 14: under the wire

Today's been good! The local independent radio station has been rocking my mornings lately, but I thought I'd disclose what's in my car's cd changer as my go-to music. Old car, no iPhone hookup, no satellite radio. I'm rollin' old school, baby.

Live in Hammond, Indiana
Alone III

Six disc changer, aw yeah!

Added by Lisa on November 14, 2013 at 9:53pm — 2 Comments

day fourteen: hummingbirds

Today was another busy day. Much paperwork and planning for the future, in terms of a new home and immigration papers. But I won't bore you with the details ;)

I did have the opportunity to pause and observe a hummingbird through a friends window. She keeps a bird feeder on the balcony. It was one of those delightful moments that brought a smile to my face. Just thought I'd share.

Take care everyone!

Added by Danielle on November 14, 2013 at 8:05pm — 1 Comment

What's a matter babe are you feeling sick?

Today was one of those days. In a nutshell.. In the morning I was told that we had to attend a funeral ... and while I was on my way to the funeral I had to turn around and pick up my vomiting kiddo from school. It was just one of those days where everything was going wrong in the morning to begin with so maybe it was safest for me to be homebound. Ever have one of those days where you foresee it's going to be rough no matter what? This weekend will be tough. I can't wait until next weekend \O/

Added by Natkat on November 14, 2013 at 7:39pm — 1 Comment

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