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I watch world movies in the mornings, with my coffee.

Mongolian/German, Argentinean (Spanish).. French.

Wouldn't think to watch during the day.

Make sense in the mornings. More sense then I can get from my dreams.

Illusions. Paranoia. Lies. Affairs.

And those are the movies.

The dreams are worse.

Inexplicably so.

Paid an embarrassing amount of money to a psychic.

Told me this would be my best year.

I was 'unlucky'..

Now I'm…


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2011/12/25 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Webisode 52: Longtime Sunshine

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Weezer! Here's "Longtime Sunshine" from Stubbs BBQ in Austin TX 6/10/11!

...also Happy Birthday to Josh…


Added by karl koch [karlophone] on December 25, 2011 at 1:30pm — 4 Comments

2011/12/23 a holiday piano pause with Brian

Brian eases us into the holiday weekend with a li'l piano version of "Silent Night".…


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Songs from the Black H***


Okay, with the latest Alone 3 release, I have finally compiled my official version(s) of the "Songs from the Black H***" (Weezers almost post blue album release): tracklist 1 + 2, as well as a bonus, third disc, with outtake tracks/alternate tracks as well as the finalized versions of all studio release songs(Longtime Sunshine special coda mix,Devotion, Why ||Bother, No other one, Tired of Sex etc, etc). I house a medium scale recording studio, and have taken the time to splice the… Continue

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2011/12/09 Happy Birthday to Brian Bell!

Happy Birthday, Brian! Be sure to Rock, *and* Roll on your special day.

...Hey, if you didnt know about Brian's othe band, The Relationship, or if you did and havent heard their music, you are missing something special - Check it out here!

...side note: On the Del Mar Official Bootleg, there is a track that is cut off before the end. This is not a pressing error - the original tape from…


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2011/12/07 A Poll. A Boot. A Book. A Band.

Yesterday, everyone who is signed up to go on The Weezer Cruise in January received a song poll, so they could cast their votes on what weezer songs they wanted to hear most on the Cruise. They are already guaranteed to watch the band play the whole Blue and Pinkerton albums, but theres plenty more songs that will be needed to fill out the 3 main weezer performances, and the people's choices are going directly to…


Added by karl koch [karlophone] on December 7, 2011 at 3:30am — 7 Comments

My Song Analysis sheet.

I read that Rivers Studied and Analysed several Nirvana song. I thought this would be good for me as an aspiring musician/songwriter. I think it would teach me more about the songwriting process and shift me into focusing more on how music really sounds. This is my basic Bare Analysis form/Sheet

Song title and other info:

General Emotion: (Is it sad, is it hopeful etc)

Song Type: (plot or emotion or some weird mix)

Song Structure: (Verse-Chorus-Other…


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On Chris Brown


PS: Justin Bieber



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2011/11/16 More Weezer Cruise News

...with just 2 months to go, the seemingly impossible, mythical idea of a 16 band rock cruise with weezer is starting to sink in - its really happening folks, and you could be there! Now here's some additional updates about what we're planning for this amazing 4 days in the Gulf of Mexico. (Full info and schedule at


Onboard Activity Update -…


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over 1,000 posts

how did I lose track?

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Seth Green, Friendly Advice, Advised... not a close friend. Not really even a fan.



Robot Chicken. I do NOT like robot chicken. I watch it occasionally. I am a massive fan of the O.G Adult Swim shows, and a selection of the more recent productions. 

Also, as you might guess, I am a massive fan of POP.-Culture/Camp/Action-figures/Graphic Novels etc.. My personal obsession involving Superheroes/Super-villains.... (Yes, even pre-Sheldon/The Big Bang Theory)  

The brilliant simplicity and concept of Robot Chicken is, I would guess, every…


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Musings. The Importance in being Alien Hunter.

Alien(s) The Movie. Predator movies. Alien Vs Predator movie(s).

When you boil it down.. Aren't they both technically 'alien'... Or even (the) Humans'... Outside of our home planet, Earth, are we not technically Alien? 


My point... I think you would have to concede that, in the case of any - if not most - of those films, both sides/species/life-forms are technically Aliens. Depending on where they are any given moment.

Moreover, the 'Aliens' - the non 'Predator'…


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2011/11/10 Rivers announces Pinkerton Diaries / Alone 3 Pre-order

Over on Rivers' site, dont miss the news that The Pinkerton Diaries is at last ready for pre-order! The ordering page is there too of course, with a full description and photos that show all the book's amazing details, including various ordering packages that include special exclusive items. The 1st 500 orders also get an exclusive poster…


Added by karl koch [karlophone] on November 10, 2011 at 7:17pm — 16 Comments

What is talking so long for Rivers to official release Alone 3 and the Pinkerton Diaries?

Does anybody out there know why or have ANY info about why Rivers hasnt released Alone 3 and the Pinkerton Diaries? i cant wait any longer or im gonna explode! :D lol

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When will Weezer come to Boston again?

Hello everyone, I am a new member to this website and i am still trying to figure things out. But i do have a question that i have been wondering for quiet some time: When will Weezer come to Boston again? I know weezer came last year and i wasnt able to go (i still kick myself in the butt for not going!) and i have wanted to go to a weezer concert for some time now. I have tried to look for upcoming weezer concerts or festivals that might be in the boston area but havent found anything.…


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2011/11/02 DeLuna Performances on Last Call With Carson Daily | Mikey Event in VT

On Thursday night, November 3rd at 1:35a/12:35 central, catch Weezer on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly performing "Surf Wax America" and "Beverly Hills" at Pensacola's 2nd annual DeLuna Music Festival. This episode will re-air on FUSE the following day at 2:30am, 6:30pm, and 10:30pm.

Then, on Friday night, Weezer will play “My Name is Jonas” at 1:35a/12:35 central on NBC (re-airing on FUSE the… Continue

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I don't look like Buddy Holly, OR Mary Tyler Moore... 

But I don't care what they say about us!


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Too Close for Comfort.. Co-Incidence. Co-incidental. You see a door... suddenly.....

Weird when you hear songs (  I guess it could be Movies/Tv or Books ) that describe a circumstance, incident or similar, that's just so close to something real in your past, or present life that it seems just too creepily close to be co-incidence. Though, probably is.


Example ONE!: Song '1996' Artist 'The Wombats' Album "The Wombats Proudly Present.. This Modern Glitch"...

Lyric from song: 'She kissed me on the cheek,

                         She kissed me on the…


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