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Novemberender: Blog day 30

Thanks to everyone who participated in the blog experiment with me! I learned a lot through my good posts, not so good posts, motivation or lack of it, and participation of others.

Adrianna, NatKat and Danielle, thanks for helping me stay motivated. I enjoyed reading your posts and felt more like posting when you posted. I also enjoyed visiting the site more frequently and having new things to read here.

I am going to keep posting here. Not every day, but I do think the… Continue

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Peace Shalom

Nablopomo has come to an end. I have not done the full 30 posts but I think I have done plenty... I'm new to the "blogging" thing and have never even been consistent with keeping a diary or anything so this was an accomplishment for me :) This is goodbye but also hello as I feel whoever has been reading my posts knows me a little more. With that said I found blog posting to be a little difficult as I don't want my blogs to be too personal and yet I find it hard not to be. Maybe I might start… Continue

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30. Sweet victory!

Holy poops cakes I did it. I made it all 30 days of November blogging. I missed a few days technically but I made up for them. And not all of these posts were Weezer related but I still did it. It's going to be so weird not blogging anymore after this. Although now I have the mentality of I need to post daily. I may start my own blog on blogspot or something. Maybe theme it. Idk. This was kinda fun

Thanks y'all. Peace

Added by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 30, 2013 at 4:32pm — 1 Comment

29. I will murder you and eat your flesh

Haha sorry for the violence/graphicness I just got off a 9 hours shift at the mall I work at about 4 hours ago and now I'm on my way in for another 10 hour shift at the same mall. I am tired I am cranky and I will b**** slap anyone who gives me attitude this hour. I may get fired today if my boss f**** with me, or because I'll say no to working tomorrow if he asks

Or I'll end up in the hospital from exhaustion. Either way today might end badly. Wish me luck

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day twenty-eight: thanks.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say thank you to my family and friends. I appreciate your kindness. I am very fortunate to share my life with you; whether it be the occasional conversation or lengthy debates and laughter...I am truly blessed.
Much love to you all. Take care.

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28. Thanksgiving

Well I'm off to enjoy what little of thanksgiving I have before I'm off to work to slave away for those who must Black Friday shop, lol. Anywhosie let's list what I am thankful for

1) I'm thankful that I am alive, and that my life has gone from negative to positive.

2) I'm thankful for my family no matter how insane they make me.

3) I'm thankful for my awesome boyfriend, despite our little issues we have I love the guy, hopefully we can stay together for a long… Continue

Added by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 28, 2013 at 1:12pm — 1 Comment

Blogomatic Day 27: Piece of the [Pumpkin] Pie

Greetings and salutations from the most boring day of the US calendar. The day before Thanksgiving, when everyone (else) is either traveling, grocery shopping, cooking, and who-know-what-else, maybe blowing up Macy's Parade balloons or something.

The slowest day at the office is now over and I'm thinking about pie. And since all roads lead to weezer, pie = piece of the pie = Rivers = weezer = a bunch of things I am thankful for!

When you push aside all the pilgrim hats and…


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You are my baby

No longer baby but still my baby. The other night I was staring at my daughter sleeping and thinking about how much I love her. Yes there is love for siblings and significant others... But love for your child I feel is a whole other ball game and can also help you appreciate your own parents. It's like a giant ball of super love that just glows inside of you. And then I remember I was once a child too and I have an image in my mind of my mom thinking this same things as she is looking down at… Continue

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27. The little things

If you read all my posts you'll see that a few days ago I was b******* about how f***** up my family is, sorry for profanity, which they still are but the thing is regardless of that, the things I say and want to do (run away from them and not tell them where I am things like that) I still love them

And this strikes me this year, yesterday I saw a clip of comedian Chris Hardwick from the Talking Dead and he said his father had passed away the day before the episode.

As… Continue

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So I apologize to you and to anyone else that I hurt too

Last night I made a mess. I got upset about the dumbest thing. Really upset and really dumb thing ( k maybe not so dumb to me or obviously I wouldn't have been upset) I totally lost perspective and was impulsive and said not nice things that I definitely didn't mean and didn't think about the consequences and how it might hurt and affect others around me that I love. Thankfully those that I hurt forgave me as they know me well and know that I can be very impulsive with things I say and I don't… Continue

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25 + 26. IM SO USELESS!!!!

haha fooled ya. tis quite the opposite. I am awesome. =]

im helping my boyfriend with his homework, err more like doing it for him but noone needs to know that right? itll be our little secret... wink wink

im horrible for missing so many days but i was busy yesterday. i had work, didnt get home til like 7, played rocksmith, and ate and starting helping my boyfriend with his homework, which has carried over into today. 

he has trouble writing…


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day twenty-five: home.

Today I became a home owner in Portland, Oregon. It is a great privilege. One that I hope to never take for granted. I have a safe, comfortable and loving environment in which to live.

As in any city there are people here who are struggling and are unfortunately homeless. At a time of year when the temperatures drop dramatically I wonder how they must survive. Sadly, some don't. It makes me question the nature of our society. It's not a new concern, however, surely it is one that we…


Added by Danielle on November 26, 2013 at 1:49am — 3 Comments

Whambamblogyoumaam Days 18-25: If you wanna blog, blog!

Well I feel quite guilty for not posting each day but I'm going to try and catch up with a nice big fat blog post now.  When last we spoke, some twisters were roaring through the midwest, and no one ended up in Oz.

Then, time to prepare for the trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where unto us a rock show was born on a cold snowy night in an inn with no room, because people that place was packed!

It was especially awesome to see so many wonderful fans that I've met - so many…


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days twenty-three & four: starry night.

A belated post for the weekend.

My friends and I took ourselves away for the night, enjoying the soaking pool at Edgefield, just outside of the city. Floating on my back and looking up at the night stars I was reminded how beautiful our universe is.

It brings me much happiness to hear fellow =w= friends stories of hearing their favorite musicians performing this weekend. It's great to see people's pictures also. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Tonight I have a…


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2013/11/24 Show: Huntington, NY: Paramount Theatre

Today we awoke in central Long Island, for the 3rd of this weekend's shows, at the Paramount Theater. There have been very few New York City area Weezer shows in a long time, and although this place is pretty far from the city proper, many area fans are making the trip up to Huntington to receive the rock package that is weezer in 2013. The Paramount is a really nice venue that people say is definitely worth the trip out from the city to catch the bands you like. Tonight we…


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24. The feels

Ah good morning world I figure I get this done now instead of later seeing as I have some walking dead to watch tonite.

But the other day I made my final payment for the cruise and now that the weather is closer and times are getting shitty I can't wait til the cruise.

I recall posting the other day about the drama llama in my life. I figure maybe I should post about it maybe get stuff off my back seek advice kinda thing. My family is in shambles. We might not even have a… Continue

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Memories make me want to go back there

Oh and I will in February \O/.

Great show!! I love watching Brian's special effects and snazzy moves.. and keep fishing was breathtaking, Scott's dope nose and ridiculous bends never fail, rivers' theatrical performances, impromptu (dunno if was rehearsed but great job), heartfelt performance {swoon} and last but not least so so glad to see pat back and his amazing amazing drum performance at the end and wearing that red stripe T shirt! ( red stripe was my beer of choice in college).… Continue

Added by Natkat on November 24, 2013 at 12:18am — 3 Comments

2013/11/23 Show: Bethlehem, Pennsyvania: Sands Casino Resort

After an all night drive down from Rama Ontario, we awoke in the pastoral Lehigh Valley, home of the once mighty original Bethlehem Steel mills. Wisely, once Bethlehem Steel folded up shop, the gigantic historic complex was cleaned up and re-purposed rather than knocked down. The Sands Casino was built on the grounds, and so here we are amongst the towering blast furnaces and old coke ovens... and slot machines. Tonight we have an opening act,…


Added by karl koch [karlophone] on November 23, 2013 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

Day 23- the day of the doctor

It's DOCTOR WHO day y'all! Woo. Lol I got told to leave work early today by my jackass boss. Sooo I left hahah and I might never go back. Muahahahahahahaha

But anyways gotta go doctor who time

Added by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 23, 2013 at 5:55pm — 4 Comments

I'm going out with my homies and we gonna let it all hang out

Waiting in line for =w= concert and just discussing with ppl out here how awesome Lisa is. She isn't here right now she is stuck outside :( but I want to give a shout out to her. Weezer should really hire her as some sort of marketing guru or something. Just saying

Also all apologies... I haven't been able to post past few days but I'm baaaacckkk

Added by Natkat on November 23, 2013 at 5:17pm — 1 Comment

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