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I finally decided to do something with the =w= that I made by hand quite a while ago. I split it into eighths and made each area into an album of theirs! I tried to fit identifying aspects of the covers into the different spots, so it would be more obvious as to what each album was. (All four members on the Blue Album; The Sky & Buildings on Pinkerton; All four members on the Green Album; The Man & Couch on Maladroit; The Background & at least one group member on Make Believe; Rivers Cuomo with his cowboy hat & mustache on the Red Album; Sidney the dog on Raditude; and actor Jorge Garcia on Hurley).

I hope you like it.

Starting from Left to Right, Top to Bottom
1. Blue Album
2. Pinkerton
3. Green Album
4. Maladroit
5. Make Believe
6. Red Album
7. Raditude
8. Hurley


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