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Caricature of rivers by Dustin Clark


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Comment by Dustin Richard Clark on December 11, 2010 at 1:31pm

I am an illustrator and caricaturist just graduating from BYU-Idaho and just starting my profesional career as an artist.  Weezer is the reason I learned to play the guitar and I listen to a lot of weezer while I paint.  This is a tribute to Rivers Cuomo and JC Leyendecker (a great illustrator from the 1920's) pianted in a similar style to Leyendecker paintings.  I was wondering if the other band members want caricatures done of them in the same style.  If the band ever wants any promotional work done by me I'm all for it, let me know!  Check out my other work at www.clarksketch.com and rock on weezer!

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