My son is weezerfied

My son broke his collar bone so his hand writing is very poor right now because he has to use his left hand. This is what it says:
"My mom was getting ready for a concert, just then the door bell rang. It was her friend, Julie. She opened the door and just then the cat ran across the crowded room and jumped 5 feet into the air. Julie said "Oh my gosh! Did she just growl at me?!" Laughing Out Loud! My mom just smiled and went into the bathroom to look for her makeup. "I can't find my makeup!" My mom found it. "Now we're leaving to go to the =w=eezer concert" -- I laughed until I cried when he brought this home from school today. It's a true story. I found my make up in my purse.. LOL
I think my favorite part and the part that made me laugh so hard is he turned the W in weezer into a =w=!

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