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Astoria, NY

United States

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  • Cherrie

    Thanks! I had those things sitting around in a closet forever and finally decided I needed to properly get them displayed hehe. When I saw the Zelda one, I *had* to have it (the original NES one is my all time favorite =D!!! plus the poster is frickin' genius) -- it was originally available through the Nakatomi Inc site but they had run out by the time I tried to buy it (it sold out pretty fast, not surprising) --I even emailed to ask if the artist would do a 2nd run haha...anyway after that I stalked ebay for it. Worth every penny.

  • fanoftheyear

    Hello there Bleed!

  • edgey44 - inventing mostly

    i miss you br0!!

    we had a foooking blast!! and we'll do it all over again for many many years to come!!

    p.s have you got that picture of me holding you up when i've got my robin costume on... i felt like a superhero at that moment!