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Garden Grove, CA

United States

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  • Cladeedah

    Hi Michael, 

    I'm seeing them in Chicago this weekend, so that's going to be the furthest I've gone.  Also saw them in Seattle in Sep. That was pretty far, I guess.  :) 

  • America

    Lol another Killers fan on the Weezer forums? There is hope for the world yet =D! yeah man I love the killers and managed to snag this picture with brandon at his Denver show for Flamingo back in November (had quiet the conversation with him to), best moment of my life so far so I've decided to make it my profile for basically everything lol :)...also Weezer is amazing and I cant wait to see at their vegas show :)
  • America

    yeah dude Brandon is amazing and it took 2 and a half hours of waiting by his bus but the reward was i was the only one to talk to him lol (and got two of those poster that come with the delux edition signed).  im just glad i got the chance to see him at a smaller venue cause it will be a lot harder to meet the band at a larger venue lol.


    But  yeah me and my buddy should be rollin in from utah at about 5-6ish so well be waitin and hopefully not get TO bad of a spot in the GA floor :). I didnt get VIP as I've just never felt alright about that. If i meet the band it will be becasue i took the time to wait by their tour bus for hours on end lol :D.


    And trust me, I've got every word of pretty much every Weezer song memorized for this event so i should be prepared. Im gonna be honest, pinkerton is one of my least favorite albums ever but im willing to tuff it out to see weezer and hear the blue album :).