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  • Teguh Pratikto

    Happy birthday, Karl!!...
  • Brian Paul Thoryk

    Karl, Brina Thoryk here, how do I get ahold of you? I'm the guy who made the hipster vid that pays Homage to the Weez. 

    email brian.thoryk@gmail.com


    "Hipster The Get Down"

  • mailgeoffrey

    Hey Karl,

    Glad to see that you're still rawking with the Weeze..

    I have a couple questions about the Weezer Bootlegs. I asked CinderBlock but they referred me to you guys.

    1. What bitrate are they recorded at?

    2. Are they recorded from the soundboard?

    3. Are they mixed for sound?

    I'm an avid Phish fan and have been rabid for the live recordings of their shows. Learning that Weezer is doing this too makes me very very happy..

    kindest regards,

    ge-off from Canada..