Summer 2013 New Album

I keep hearing DJ's from KROQ in LA that weezer is releasing an album this summer. Anybody heard anything along those lines? Can't confirm it anywhere. 

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    Colin Orthmann

    Both times it was the same DJ. Around 6 PM

    Bill said:

    i listen to kroq everyday at work.  i love it actually, and love that they still play lots of weezer. 

    however, i've never heard a DJ mention weezer having a new album this summer.  would definitely have remembered that!

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    KROQ might know something, but that isn't like weezer to pull a surprise like this.  Someone would leak something.

    My bet is he's confused and probably referring to the vinyl releases going on in August for Pinkerton, Make Believe, and TGA.

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    Tommy Dowd

    No but it is about time