So the past 2 days I've come to the website, I've been hit with a virus. The root site isn't so I think it's advertisements, but you guys need to look into this. The virus is "exploit redkit exploit kit" or something like that.

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    karl koch [karlophone]

    hi -

    sorry this has taken so long. the issue im waiting on is a snag with the google webmaster tools verification process. i should have the answer very soon and then i can get the site verified and all clear finally.

    AF - good call seeing the "dual" header. another perosn was helping me and i think we both tried to fix the header problem at the same time, and so, we both put one up in different ways in the css. now im not sure which one to delete haha


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    No worries. :) I'm pretty sure the weezerpedia-hosted image is the one that's in the right place. That's where it had always been before.

    As G Foo Chombey mentioned, the background colour of the site has changed too. It used to be "#26273c" to match with the header, but now it's "#1b1a3c" which doesn't match properly.

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    I wanted to report that around the same time the other weirdness started, some elements stopped working on the iPad. I can't get the "like" (heart) buttons to work, or the "more" button at the bottom of the "recent activity" column on the left side of the homepage.

    Thanks for working to fix the warnings!