Favorite song from each album?

I know this has been done many times before, but it hasn't been done recently and I just wanna see what people say.

Blue - "Say It Ain't So" / Undone (The Sweater Song)

Pinkerton - "The Good Life" / "Pink Triangle"

Green - "Island In The Sun"

Maladroit - "Death and Destruction" / "Living Without You" (even though its only on the UK and Japanese version)

Make Believe - "Perfect Situation" / "Hold Me"

Red - "Pork and Beans" / "The Angel and The One"

Raditude - "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"

Hurley - "Unspoken"

Death To False Metal - " Blowin' My Stack"

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    Blue: My name is Jonas

    Pinkerton: El Scorcho/Why bother

    Green: Smile/ Hash Pipe

    Maladroit: Dope Nose

    Make Believe: The Damage in Your Heart

    Red: Cold Dark World/ Thought I knew/ The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (I really am into Red right now)

    Raditude: I'm your Daddy (The version with Kenny G in it)

    Hurley: Where's My Sex (it makes me laugh so much)

    Death To False Metal: Haven't listened to it yet (GAH I know don't kill me)

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    Cheryl Smith

    Blue: Say It Ain't So

    Pinkerton: Across The Sea / El Scorcho

    Green: O Girlfriend

    Maladroit: Death And Destruction

    Make Believe: Hold Me / Perfect Situation

    Red: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

    Raditude: Can't Stop Partying

    Hurley: I Want To Be Something

    DTFM: Trampoline

    Pinkerton Deluxe: You Won't Get With Me Tonight

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    Sebastian Cornejo

    I guess

    Blue: Surf wax America / B-side: Susanne

    Pinkerton: Falling for you / B-side: You gave your love to me softly

    Green: Island in the sun

    Maladroit: Keep fishin'

    Make Believe: Perfect situation

    Red: The Angel and the one (normal) / "B-side": Miss Sweeney 

    Raditude: Trippin' down the freeway / Bonus: The prettiest girl in the whole wide world

    Hurley: Hang on

    DTFM: I don't want your loving

    I like a lot of demos too like O girl, mad kow, your sister, high up above, hey domingo and others.