mines are 

only in dreams

burndt jamb 

and why bother


what about you guys?

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I wish saying my first two didn't make me sound like a total tool, but I genuinely believe that Thief, and Let's Sew Our Pants Together are two of weezer's most rock solid songs. And as for my third song, that is a tough choice but I will go with In The Garage (Burndt Jamb gets an honorable mention here because that song is unbelievable).

Angel and the One

The World Has Turned and left me here



Angel and the One

Perfect Situation



It is way to tough to choose just three!


Butterfly - for sadness

This is such a pity - for awesomeness

Island in the sun - for happiness


but i agree its hard to pick three :')


oooooooo f***. three is impossible. but if i had to....

O Girl

Mad Kow

Too Late To Try

only three are you kidding me

The Good Life
Say It Ain't So
and um... Tripping Down The Freeway

Falling For You

Across the Sea

Waiting On You

Out of the 144 Weezer songs in my collection, my favourite 3, at the moment, would probably be:


Blowing My Stack

You Won't Get With Me Tonight

Sugar Booger


... Holy crap, I actually did it.

Dope Nose

I Want You To

Keep Fishing


I think... It is very hard to choose only 3.

At the moment...

Say It Ain't So

You Won't Get With Me Tonight

Put Me Back Together

Tired of Sex

Falling for you

I swear it's true (Blue Version)



So easy I could cry.


Only in Dreams

Falling For You

Across the Sea.

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