When I first heard the album, I thought it was okay, but nothing spectacular. The second time I heard it, the songs began to digest in my brain pretty well, most notably Why Bother, getchoo, and el scorcho. By listen number three, I was almost completely hooked! Curiously, it took me a while to get into Falling For You, yet now, I consider it one of my favorite songs on the album. What were your first impressions on Pinkerton?

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the first time i heard the intro to "tired of sex" i was hooked. the sound of the album was something i had never heard before and i could not stop listening to it for months.
The first time I listened to Pinkerton I hated it. I thought, WTF is this? I shelved it for around 6 months and took another listen to it and fell in love with it. I guess I was in a different frame of mind or something. Now it is one of my fave Weezer albums.
I think I was too young to get it...but I liked it enough.  Not anything like how much I love it now though...

I was instantly hooked on El Scorcho, Falling for You, The Good Life, Pink Triangle and Getchoo. The others took a little longer (like the 2nd time I listened to them LOL). I really like the sincerity and emotion in the album. That's one thing that will always catch me. It could be the ABC's but if there is a load of sincerity and emotion in it, I'm hooked.


Unfortunately I did not get to hear Pinkerton until a few years ago. My mom refused to buy it for me because of "Tired Of Sex" when it first came out (I was 12). I remember arguing with her in Walmart about it, LOL. It was the ONLY album they have ever released (including Blue thanks to my siblings which is how I got hooked) that I didn't get to hear within the first couple weeks of its release.

So while I was delayed on hearing the awesomeness, all that matters is I finally did and I LOVE it. It may even be better that it took so long for me to hear it because I fully and completely appreciate it and I don't think I would have at age 12.

a friend played it to me the week it came out. i thought it was okay but not as good as blue. then el scocho became a pretty big hit here in australia. i thought that song was brilliant, but didn't get to hear the other songs again. once i finally got a copy of the album in 99 I finally realised that the rest of the album is just as good as el elscorcho - every song is brilliant - classic album - all time favourite.

The first time I heard it I thought it was a lo-fi mess with disturbing lyrics.


Needless to say by 3rd listen my opinion changed quite a bit.

I loved it! The unhinged nature of the record made me feel like it was a crime to listen to something so untamed. The first time I was exposed to Pinkerton was when I heard Pink Triangle on the radio. I remember being entranced by that winding verse vocal melody and then just as I was lulled into a dreamlike state a counter-melodic Rivers delivered the shout of "I'M DUMB, SHE'S A LEBIAN". Not only was it a shock on a sonic level, but also on a lyrical level. I couldn't stop thinking about the song a good month after that, I was convinced it was the hookiest song of all time (that is until I became more familiar with the Weezer discography!).


As soon as I had enough money I went out and purchased Pinkerton, I got a rush of adrenaline when I first heard the feedback and the screaming vocals in Tired of Sex (and I still do!), it was beyond brilliant. I remember thinking Across the Sea was a little bit creepy at first but now I realise the creepiness is what makes the song. Pinkerton perfectly captures the longing nature of wanting to find someone to be intimate/the quest of looking for love, and it'd be an injustice to Rivers' musical integrity if he chose to omit that crazy/creepy desperation he went through in his own quest. Pinkerton wouldn't be the same album without lyrics like "so I sniff and I lick your envelope and fall to little pieces every time", it'd be a diluted piece of emotion with pretty arrangements.


It's sad really, Rivers tries so hard to be super relatable today but the truth is he'll never be as relatable as he was on Pinkerton. Though most of us have likely never fallen for a lesbian, substituting "she's a lesbian" for "she has a boyfriend", "she's my bestfriend", "or any other problem that stops someone from sharing love with that perfect person makes Pink Triangle work for so many people in so many situations. It's also an immensely comforting listening because we can hear how authentic Rivers' pain is, it's screaming out to listeners telling them all that they're not alone in their pain.


Pinkerton is a masterpiece and because of the above reasons (and many more) it's my favourite record of all time, it's without a doubt Rivers' magnum opus, I love it to pieces.

I was only 10 when I first heard it, and being a stupid little moron I hated it. It wasn't until high school that I picked up a copy for myself and quickly found it was my favorite album.

didnt even make it through the album. I still have to force my self to listen to it. Figured it would grow on me...Im pretty sure I dislike it even more. Its just...not good

I actually didn't think that the album was all that bad, much less should it have been awarded "Worst Album of the Year" from the Rolling Stone magazine.

=W= Forever!

Sometimes I think rivers tries to figure out why we like it so much, and he ends up deciding its just nostalgia.


When it's clear why we like it. The lyrics, his voice sounds so sincere and powerful, it feels like the band is really together more so than any other album. Like they are a band...

The guitar nuances, the over the top+emotional solos, the dynamic melodies, the dynamic changes in music. Pat said it best once, it sounds like every is just soloing on their own instruments throughout the album.


Always loved this album.

My first impression was almost just like yours. I thought it was okay but a bit different. Second time, it was fantastic.

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