When I first heard the album, I thought it was okay, but nothing spectacular. The second time I heard it, the songs began to digest in my brain pretty well, most notably Why Bother, getchoo, and el scorcho. By listen number three, I was almost completely hooked! Curiously, it took me a while to get into Falling For You, yet now, I consider it one of my favorite songs on the album. What were your first impressions on Pinkerton?

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simply rubbish.. after awhile, F****** AWESOME!!!!!
i came
That's not true though, is it? I'm a comparatively recent Weezer fan, totally ignored them in the 90s (though giving a 7 year old a copy of Pinkerton probably wouldn't be a great idea). Yet listening to all the Weezer albums back Blue and Pinkerton are clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

Daniel Gasparini ( Danorganplaye said:

Sometimes I think rivers tries to figure out why we like it so much, and he ends up deciding its just nostalgia.

The first time I listened to Pinkerton, I couldn't really get into it but I loved Tired of Sex and El Scorcho. Now it's my favourite album of all time, and I especially love Falling For You! Definately one of Weezer's best albums :)

Before I heard Pinkerton for the first time, I had some friends tell me I wouldn't like it. This, of course, made me crave it even more than I originally had.

I listened to the album, and it was so interesting to me - I had never heard music like it and was greatly intrigued by the lyrics. Some songs (like El Scorcho and Why Bother?) got me singing along before the tune had even ended. But at the same time there were songs like Falling For You and Pink Triangle which I skipped past only after a minute into the song out of disgust and confusion.

Listening to it God-knows-how-many times more, every single song has grown on me and it's risen to be one of my favorite Weezer albums of all time.


Jordan said:

Same thing for me with Falling For You.

As for the album, first time I heard I just kinda threw it aside and left it.

Then I picked it up again, really listened hard to the lyrics and the music, and pretty much fell in love.

It seems to me that the catchier albums are the less loved they are by real fans and they tend to fade with time, but the ones that people really had trouble getting into are the ones that are going to define the band in the end. Really, people like this album because it's different, but that's the same reason why it wasn't very accepted when it came out. People keep rejecting albums like Green and Raditude, but I find them very catchy and likeable. There are songs that no one likes in each album, but you know what? I totally hated Make Believe when it first came out because of how different it was from the other albums. But the more I listen to the album for the songs I could get into, the more I can appreciate and understand the songs I didn't really like in the beginning.  
Not every song that a singer writes should have so much emotion in it or eventually they'll come off as whiny and unappreciative. Besides, hearing different kinds of songs kind of gives us a better idea of what kind of person Rivers is as a whole.  I really appreciate all of the Weezer albums collectively.  Every song fits into their album neatly and every album has a few "classic Weezer" songs in them.  I think Pinkerton and Blue do a very, very good job of announcing to the world "this is Weezer, the band" but some of the other albums say "this is about four guys who eventually made up Weezer" and I like that too.

I didn't really like it, either, but I was transitioning from crappy pop music. I like that you mentioned you had to "digest" it in the original post. Did anyone else feel like the chord progression was odd at first? Falling for You threw me off, but I guess I was just used to G/D/Em/C. El Scorcho was my first favorite off the album, but it's nowhere near my favorite now.


I think Pink Triangle is my stand out song, though. I dismissed it at first because I felt like I couldn't relate to the lyrics, being a straight girl. I'm finding out that you don't have to experience the same set of circumstances to understand the emotion behind the music. When I'm feeling frustrated, or anguished, or hopeless, I can put it on, and it just soothes me, somehow. 

Before listening- HEHEHE PINKERTON IS FUNNY NAME!! (i was only like 9)

After listening- o,o sheer and utter awe

Disliked it at first, love it more than anything now.
I didn't really like it, and it wasn't helped by my brother's hateful opinion of it. 10 years later I now absolutely love it, and my brother still doesn't get it. Unlucky brother

Before Pinkerton was released MTV were playing El Scorcho regularly, and I loved that song.  The quirkiness of the chorus and the lyrics got me hooked and I was keen to hear the full album.  I loved all three tracks on the single, Devotion, YGYLTMS and the title track.

A week or so pre the album release I started reading the reviews and they were almost exclusively negative, as had been the press reaction to El Scorcho.  'Self indulgent', 'under produced' and 'self pitying' were three of the commonly used phrases in the critiques.


Undeterred I bought the album as soon as it was available and was blown away.   The energy, the emotion, the rawness, the subject matter I could identify with ... it was brilliance and even more so enjoyable that I understood and got what the snooty self important music journos weren't able.

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