I have quite a few:

Christmas 1988:

There was only one thing I really wanted - a CD player.  Yes, I was six years old.  However, my dad had one and my mother got one too.  They were so cool and obviously expensive to have - but I knew that I needed it!  So when Christmas came, Santa was very limited in gifts that year - but he got me a CD player and my brother got a Nintendo.  I remember my dad hooked this CD player up on that Christmas day and he was not feeling well at all.  I recall that no one else in my class has their own CD player.  I felt very special.

Christmas 1989:

In 1989, I was seven years old.  At the time, I grew a fascination towards money - and all I really wanted for Christmas was a $20 dollar bill and a $50 dollar bill.  In second grade, our class wrote letters to Santa.  I remember I specifically asked for the money.  I got a letter back from Santa and he said that he will look into it.  When Christmas rolled around, I remember that I got a Sega Genesis.  I know for sure Santa got the memo that I didn't ask for a Sega Genesis when I made my Christmas list!  I think after a crying episode, I was forced by my mom to make good of the situation and keep the Sega Genesis (even though I only wanted $70 dollars).  It came with Altered Beast.  My parents also got me a few games with it - if I remember right, those games were Space Harrier 2 and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (there probably was a few more - but I don't recall the titles). I remember I use to come home from school and play the Sega Genesis non-stop - and I did eventually beat both all of those games I have just mentioned.

Christmas 1991:

I got a Lego set and some clothes. I remember when I was setting it all up, I heard on the TV that President Gorbachev resigned as President of the USSR.  

Christmas 1992:

(I just looked in my fifth grade journal to refresh my mind)  I got a Ren and Stimpy doll, a box of comic cards (DC and Marvel), five Elton John CDs, a silver and gold certificate (money!), and a Encyclopedia. Now that I mentioned these things, I do remember that Christmas.  It was a pretty good one.  Probably one of the last truly memorable ones I had as a kid.

Christmas 2001:

I spent this Christmas in Germany on Ramstein Air Base.  This was the first one without my immediate family since I joined the Air Force about 10 months previously.  It felt kind of weird - but I did spoil myself to play my new digital piano (at the time) - the Roland RD-150.  I bought it the day before Christmas.  Funny story about that.  When I went downtown to buy it, I paid for it in German Marks.  Then I remember the guy at the music store offered to drive it to my place of residence - so we both went in his car and drove to the base.  Unfortunately, he did not have a base pass to drive any further.  So he told me that he was going to take me over to the entrance and drop me off.  As a result, I found myself standing outside with an 88 key digital piano, in a box, that weighed about 50 pounds.  I actually attempted to take this all the way to my dorm room alone.  LOL - fortunately, a nice couple saw me and offered me a ride with the keyboard in their truck.  They saved my Christmas because I didn't freeze to death doing something so incredibly stupid :-)  I remember taking that thing up four flights of stairs to my room alone!  I thank my friend Zach for inspiring me to buy one, since he had a keyboard of his very own in his dorm room too!  He was also nice enough to allow me to play his before I bought mine.

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lol I know, that was an honest answer. 

and yeah, I finished the Pet Shop around August and the Grand Emporium about a month ago. 

placemats said:

Lol.  I wasn't making fun of you this time, Stefan.  I meant, are you still into building lego sets?

Stefan said:

Thanks, I do  

and pfffffft I finished that set months ago

placemats said:

Sounds like you have a pretty great family, Stefan.

I noticed you posted a video of the pet shop in your lego thread some time ago.  Are you still building?

Stefan said:

Pretty much every year between the ages of 5 and 12 I would get a giant Lego set and spend all of Christmas day sitting on my grandparents' living room floor building it. One year I got a "dragon fortress"... now that was awesome.

Every Christmas is spent with my mom, aunts, and cousins at my grandparent's house which is SO much fun. I remember one year we all got new toboggans. Immediately wanting to test them out, my two younger cousins and I ran to the cemetery down the street. Now I realize how disrespectful we were being, but I have to admit that it was crazy fun sliding down the hill and avoiding tombstones. 

I remember one Christmas eve when I was around 11 sitting in my grandparents' basement watching "Criss angel: mind freak" with my mom. Is my first time watching "scary" magic and we were both pretty freaked out.

I remember being about 10 and staying over at my aunt's house on either the night of Christmas or boxing day (the 26th). I got the 7th season of the Simpsons on DVD and my aunt gave me permission to stay up as late as I wanted watching it. I went to bed at like 11:00 but it felt like all night and I thought I was such a badass sitting there on my aunt's couch in the dark.

I remember being about 8 and sneaking up stairs to see Santa placing my presents against the fireplace. Even though I was sort of expecting it, it made little 8  year old Stefan a bit heart broken to find out that (SPOILER ALERT) mom = Santa Claus. 

My absolute FAVOURITE Christmas memory has to be the time when I was about 7 and my entire family took a trip to somewhere warm. Being the little twerp that I was, I was easily forgotten and left behind at home while my entire family went on vacation. Also turned out that a pair of stupid criminals were planning to rob my house, but due to my quick wits and a creepy man from the neighborhood, I was able to save my home AND Christmas.

Chinese dinners and casinos .  Actually one christmas I went with a bunch of friends to a fancy restaurant and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Waited over an hour (with reservations), by the time we were seated they were out of half the menu, food was cold and/or didn't arrive, waiter brought wrong order, spilled hot liquid on my friend, people taking food from plates of people that left, someone got into a fist fight with a waiter, we left hungry but definitely an entertaining night. 

See's Candies...yum.

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