Whats your guys' favorite Rivers look? the bowl cut undone the sweater song. the blue album hair cut ( besides undone) the pinkerton hair cut a bit longer or the classic green album and maladroit and most of make believe hair cut. or the rebellious red album Rivers with the mustache? and then raditude   and hurly (death to false metal) are the same as green album. which look?

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the green album look
This, and the Red album look.

Daniel [bleed0range] said:

The long haired phase around the end of the Pinkerton era. 



i agree. dusty west/ enlightenment tour rivers was f****** hawt.

i love his puffy vest.

I think Rivers looked his absolute best in The say it aint so video, or in pinkerton with his giant beard :) he looks legit now too though
"Execu-Cuomo", circa 2002's Enlightenment Tour. All pinstriped, all the time.
yeah rivers got some sweet looks. the beard was legit



No really..

He looks handsome in the "El Scorcho" video. Go watch the Treasures From the Vault 1991-2002 Dvd... :) Every look is well shown.

Bowl cut all the way, man!
Hes a very handsome man but I think he looks the best in the keep fishin vidoe.

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