Whats your guys' favorite Rivers look? the bowl cut undone the sweater song. the blue album hair cut ( besides undone) the pinkerton hair cut a bit longer or the classic green album and maladroit and most of make believe hair cut. or the rebellious red album Rivers with the mustache? and then raditude   and hurly (death to false metal) are the same as green album. which look?

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rivers with braces a bowl cut and big ass glasses. geek rock ftw!!!!!!
Don't forget the maladroitly beard!
bowl cut all the way, although he does look badass with the maladroitly beard.
the moustache look was pretty wizard.
For me it has to be the whole red album look, long shaggy hair and mustache. Hehe too cool!
I already had a thread like this, but it was a while ago, so I guess you are OK. I'll have to say...his stache. 

The long haired phase around the end of the Pinkerton era. 



classic green album of course

All of them!


Actually if I had to pick a fave I'd totally vote for the green album/current look. I also love the long haired Pinkerton look...


However I LOVE this look too.. a lot.. but I love the black glasses... they're iconic:

YES! That one too! Ok I need to get off of this thread...

Lewis Digges said:
I liked it when Rivers dressed up with the suit and tie and glasses after the summer of 2002 with the Keep Fishin' video and the rest of the Maladroit tour. Plus I like the Blue album look with Rivers and the short hair.

This is my favorite (Rivers looks good even when he's BBQing)

Same.  The beard is too awesome.  The Pinkerton era beard phase is also awesome.

Jellystone said:

This is my favorite (Rivers looks good even when he's BBQing)

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