My biggest surprise came a few days ago.  Someone I am friends with on facebook (and who I served with when I was in Wichita) apparently was in the hospital some months ago for a lengthy period of time.  I had no idea he got in a bad motorcycle accident.  Then I started looking at other recent photos he put up and I noticed something about his arm (which appeared bandaged up and much shorter).  One of his friends confirmed that he lost his left arm during the accident.  In addition, I had no idea this guy was "brought back" after I read the news report that he was initially found at the scene not breathing!


I'm glad that he's alive, but I'm so surprised to hear about all of this!  If any of you ride a motorcycle, please be careful.

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I feel better already.  Concert of the year for me! 

Jupiter 80 said:

can't be any sadder than a song by Morrissey!

At least we saw The Cure

placemats said:

This thread is making me sad now.

Thank you.

It sucks growing older. I had 2 close friends pass away this year (almost a third, but he took care of himself), and a dear friend died last year.

Jupiter 80 said:

I'm very sorry to hear that Karrie :-(

Karrie Jean Hooten said:

I found out that a significant college friend had cancer from Facebook and was in a hospital in Maryland. I had been to DC twice during the previous two months on business, and if I had known he was ill I would have visited him. He had been sick for a while but was being quiet about it so he wouldn't worry other people. I hated myself for not keeping closer tabs on my friends. He died not long after I found out about his situation.

anyone got any good surprises?

Despite federal government funding cuts, I didn't lose my job.  


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