Hey ,I m 13 years old.I just want to put it out there I m sick of all the members on here being surprised how old we are .I feel like there babying us.So I just wanna say were smart .Hello we like Weezer!

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When I posted this had no ideal so many people would comment .Its clearly not good feed back.

Palin is like an "actress" on "the sexy librarian does the Dallas Cowboys" movie....if there was such a movie.  

SPAZ-claus said:

there's a difference between like and "like"


which one are you reffering to?

kilgoretrout45 said:

Yeah, but a lot of people who like Weezer also like Sarah Palin...and that is not too smart. hahahah

You guys just hang in there. Old people can be miserable sometimes. 

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