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No it's not cool. Any differences must be quashed and belittled imo.

jk. ;)

I was talking about "Paranoid Android" which is the biggest snoozer in the band's set right now and I truly hope YoU Might Think takes its place because it is definitely more suited toward a Weezer show.

Bill said:
weezer hasn't played "you might think" live very often.  speaking as someone who just saw it live at the doheny days festival, i will confirm what the original poster sounds HUGE live and the bass in particular really hits.  whoever said it doesn't fit in a weezer show or get much of a reaction is pretty wrong - at least from the doheny days show - the crowd went nuts, and i was literally blown away at how HEAVY and massive the song sounded live.  also, it seems to get heavier and heavier as the song progresses fact my favorite song from the show.
As much as I enjoyed Paranoid Android, I wish they'd cut the covers and delve into some of the deeper cuts.  I get they want to appeal to everyone, but how about something else off Red, or any Hurley or DTFM.  I'd love to hear something like Ruling Me, or Blowin' My Stack, and I don't see why they won't support their new releases at all.  Especially DTFM, best since Red.
I think they'd do that sort of thing if they had a tour to do it during and less festival shows.

I love both songs live, but I do think they should limit it to one cover per night.

And it's weird, the setlist says it was the first time performed.


I think it sounds great live.

The video you posted was its first performance.

Here's a perf from 9/11 (oops), not as good as the one you posted tho.

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing! I hadn't seen it yet. :)

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