So I have few friends who actually kinda dig weezer they all bailed on me for this concert, that I'm actually really excited about. I'm a huge weezer fan and obviously they weren't. So now I'm left with this ticket and have no idea what to do with it. I might give it away and one of you can pick it up at the concert. But I'm stil not sure exactly what to do with it. But one thing is for sure I'm definitely still going. So any thoughts let me know.

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where are the seats? how much you want for 'em?

CrazyLikeAFox [spaz] said:
where are the seats? how much you want for 'em?
Pit Ga2 49 again I only have 1
I would, but I have a prior commitment with no guarantee that I'll be able to get there in time
Are your seats better than Orchestra C????? Or are they near Ochestra C?????
on the subject of extra jones beach ticket i also am in the posession of a extra ticket its also just one ticket and its in orchestra b row g seat 6 willing to bargain for a price any takers?

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