I think that'd be awesome. Except I don't know how well the Glee cast would do their songs, I would just be happy to see the members of Weezer on TV!

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Might as well say that Weezer should collaborate with Justin Bieber.  Hey, maybe Drake wants to follow the foot steps of Lil' Wayne and try to outdo "Can't Stop Partying"?  Not to mention the Katy Perry's song with Rivers that has yet to be released.  Maybe Rihanna and Lady Gaga will use Weezer songs as samples for their new songs?


Am I missing anything?  By the way, everything above can also be considered as a growing list of things that I'd never want to see Weezer contribute in any way to.

no. hell no.
I'd rather throw myself in front of a speeding locomotive.
Yeah it sure would be horrible. Glee has become a terrible show and this would damage Weezer's already damaged reputation.
I don't know, I've never seen Glee.
neither have i, the adverts look bad enough
Jordan said:
I don't know, I've never seen Glee.
no glee sucks.
Glee does suck but songs like "Troublemaker", "Wheres My Sex?" and "Girl Got Hot" would probably fit in with the show.
I would like to see Rivers/Weezer try to make some publicity and a show as big as Glee would really get them out there (But i wouldnt want to see them on Glee specifically)
It means that i would like to say "Weezer" and people actually recognise the name
I never said the music wasnt important
And, learn how to spell: *more not "moar"

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:
wouldn't moar publicity go against indiekid's personal brand of indieness?

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