Would it be crazy of me to go on a 12 hour roadtrip/200 dollar flight just to see Weezer in concert again?

I've been saving up a lot of money lately so I know I could afford it and I've got family in the place I would just stay with them, but.... I just don't know. I love Weezer in concert, but do you think it's worth it?

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i don't think you understand the concept of the suggestions/help forum.


Marie asked:

but do you think it's worth it?


My answer: Yes. Yes it is.


YESH. weezer is always worth it.
nothings too crazy when it comes to seeing the ultimate rock n roll band.

The simple answer is no, it would not be crazy.


If you replaced the word 'crazy' with the word 'stupid' in your thread title, however. . .


sarah leeper said:
YESH. weezer is always worth it.
Crazy. (unless you are from Australia) 

I flew from Sydney to L.A specifically to see the Memories shows and I would do it again.


So go for it.

it's worth it.

Definitely worth it.  


I once went to England for 4 days just to see Janet Jackson at Wembley for 2 of the 4 days.  


Music fans want what they want :-)

When I was stationed in Alaska I flew from there to Chicago to see them. Worth it.
You would be crazy not to!!

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