I really dont think any of them are bad. They are all good but if i'd have to pick the worst id say getchoo


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get out.

America said:
Falling for you
I don't know how "Getchoo" is anywhere close to being the worst =W= song....  but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I really can't say there is one song that is much worse than any other, I like every song to one degree or another, but one I find myself almost always skipping is "In The Mall".  Yeah I'd definitely say "In The Mall" is the worst now that I think about it.
I just gasped so hard a bird flew into my throat and I choked on it.

America said:
Falling for you

GETCHOO?! are you kidding me. This is beginning to hurt

why does "this is the way" constitute the worst weezer song? this is a weird thread.

James Stockwell (Jamekae) said:
I honestly didn't think it was possible to hate Getchoo more than "songs" like We Are All On Drugs, Outta Here, Cold Dark World, Love is the Answer, This is the Way and the demo of I Don't Want Your Loving...
nothing will ever be better than me

In the Mall and We are all on drugs

probably the raditude version of love is the answer, i really wish the make believe session version was completed

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