I really dont think any of them are bad. They are all good but if i'd have to pick the worst id say getchoo


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We Are All On Drugs (by 40 lengths...)


In The Mall (distant second)


America said:


In the mall

Falling for you



Ya i didnt like autopilot.  It didn't have that good lyrics.  I don't think the dog part was absolutely necessary.

Ethan said:
I'd have to say Autopilot for me at least lyric-wise. The music sounds good but I'm not a fan of the words.
can't stop partying
I like all of Weezer songs... For me, no Weezer songs are bad...!!!
As far as tracks released on standard albums, The Girl Got Hot is the only Weezer song I can't stand.
I really don't like 'Everyone' on DTFM
true :)

Rachel pinal said:
I say there worst song is....i cant think of anyD:

"Getchoo" is exempt because it came from the best weezer album ever. (although, both "the blue album" and "Pinkerton" are tied for best ever weezer album that will ever be released)


I don't have a "Worst Weezer Song" - there really are a lot. But I can say the worst song, whichever it is, came from one of the last five albums.

We are all on drugs is one of my absolute favorites!

hintofcoolness said:

you're insane and I'm going to go with we are all on drugs*


*Edit: there are worse, technically, but the fact that this was insultingly made a single earns it first place at sucking

Dude, Getchoo is one of the best. One of my favorites.

Anyways, I'd go with... The Spider. Too depressing and boring haha

This is amazing thank you, lol

Zachy (Memories Tour 4 Aus '11) said:
Funny thing is, Rivers will probably agree with you.
Brofessefef said:


Only In Dreams.

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