What do you feel is the worst use of a Weezer song in advertising, television, film, ect.?

The other day i was flipping through channels and heard "Beverley Hills" on a commercial for a TV show called "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" and i think this may be the worst thing a Weezer song has been attatched to.

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They use island in the sun as a couples "song" in the movie Out Cold and it is very cheesy
If youre wondering... was on Marmaduke! eh
Was that the movie with the mermaid? Wow.
I think that belongs in the, "Best use of a Weezer song" thread.
'The Girl Got Hot' on previews for the Zach Braff-less Scrubs season. Pretty bad.
It has to be Everybody Get Dangerous in the G-Force trailer.
It was briefly used in "Mr deeds" also...it just didn't fit the film
I think I once heard pork and beans for a 'yes man' trailer

Was hash pipe in American pie 2 ?
Along with using Troublemaker for the AFL Finals series in Australia
Why'd they take him off Scrubs? I used to like that show, but I never watch it now.

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