Today is World Mental Health Day (for another hour here in Central Time, anyway), so I figured I'd hop on and make a quick post expressing my gratitude.

So, thanks, Rivers...

...for My Brain is Working Overtime (which is what inspired this post.) I found a lot of comfort in those lyrics. (Karl, if you're reading this--do you know if the video of him and all the puppets in the box was filmed in Austin in 2008? Just curious.) 

...for all the liner notes in Alone I and II, and for The Pinkerton Diaries, which I pored over, and in which I found solace and a sense of companionship at times when I felt very much alone. They continue to be an inspiration. 

...for Pinkerton. I'm not really so much in touch with my feelings and whatnot, and that album has gone a long way in helping me discover and explore that part of myself, and to become more of a whole. I'll stop myself here, or I'd go on forever. Thank you so much for Pinkerton

...for being so candid about your struggles (er, sorry, it sounds sort of cheesy to say "struggles," but it's late and I'm at a loss for a better word.) Not a lot of people will be honest about the ugly, bleak, lonely parts of life, and at times I feel very isolated and unable to reach out. It's nice to know that someone that I've admired so much has been there, too, and that something beautiful can come out of despair. 

Anyway, you might never read this, but that's okay; thanks anyway, and bless you.


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thanks for sharing.

I always connected with make believe because of how many times Rivers questions his sanity.

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