As stated in title. We have been left in the dark for too long, and as they seem to still be adding dates for this tour, whats the likelihood of them doin even one UK show? 

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I think it's very unlikely given their reluctance to even do regular shows over here.

I wish they could just tell us either way. Even if they just tell us Yes or No, they donlt have to give us the specific dates. At least then if they say "No it's not happening" I can buy tickets for an American show, and then work out how they hell i'm going to pay for the trip.

If they could tell us YAY OR Nay whether there will be any UK shows, before the Chicago tickets go on sale it would be helpful, then I book chicago tickets, and then try and plan something.

Mainly because it's a cost effectiveness decision. Overseas tours are expensive and they're not under big label budgets anymore. It is what it is.
We'll see. I think this tour is so short because it's more or less an experiment. Buy tickets everyone! Sell out every show. Then maybe they'll come to Detroit!

I guess I can't complain when people are considering flying oversees for a show. Detroit is like, > 300 miles from Chicago.

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