I am looking at flying to the states for some of the Memories shows (probably Boston). The reason for this is that I don't think it will come to the UK and I don't want to miss this chance.


What I want to know is whether or not Pat will be playing drums and Rivers playing guitar? Does anyone have a definitive answer on this?


I really don't want to go all that way to see Josh on Drums and Pat out front on guitar. As much as Josh is a incredible drummer it just makes the whole playing of Blue/ Pinkerton pointless if you ask me. I want to see the real band with Pat playing his kit like only he can.


I really need some Karlification before I part with my cash and take my luck on it coming to the UK.

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I live in the uk too and if I could afford to fly out i would want to see pat on drums and rivers on guitar. Are you only gonna go if they do go back to their normal roles?
According to a post by Pat on ATW, he is playing on a new kit for all songs but Holiday, Only in Dreams, Falling For You and Pink Triangle... on those songs he is on guitar.

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