OK! so i bought tickets through weezer.com for my girlfriend and myself using my father's credit card.

I have a confirmation email and the confirmation purchase page with my name/account info on it. 

Does anyone know if i'll be ok showing up to the will call office by my self? Will I be able to pick up the tickets?

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As long as the account is in your name rather than your fathers.  They saved mine under my name for the Borgata show and they just ask for id.  It was pretty quick and painless.  I picked up 3 tickets.

So i won't need his credit card at all? Cool! Thanks, I'll see you at the Buffalo show then! (I'm assuming by account you mean weezer.com/purchase account, correct?)

You are correct.  Credit card is form payment only.  My tickets were in an envelope with my name on it from my purchase account.

Also good idea to print copy of the confirmation email and bring it with you also.

Thanks for your help!

NP.  See you in Buffalo.

I would still bring the credit card.  each venue is different, and I have been asked for the credit card when picking up Will Call before.

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