Hoping the B********* tour will be held in small, intimate venues (Chicago Metro) instead of arena shows.......Possibly a presale?

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Yep. This is the answer.
Me too!
Yep, your right...it was MTV...my mistake.
oh my goodness this is exciting...I hope they come to Denver!!!
When is the "Memories/B*********" tour?
Well in their interview after Leeds festival when they were talking about the possibility of this tour and the possibility of it coming to England they were saying that they would like to do it in small intimate venues.
Unless they were only refering to the UK shows.
i think you should play in a venue where you can interact with the audience like a open roof stadium or something
I think the shows WILL be in smaller venues. I don't think there's a tremendous amount of interest in seeing music from the mid-90s. This will be for US. Less radio give-a-ways, promotions, etc. All of the shows will sell out, but it will be great because it will be real fans.
i really hope that if they come to San Diego they play at Rimac. they were actually going to play in that venue back in January, but it was cancelled due to Rivers' bus accident injuries. Rimac is pretty cool because it's a pretty big venue and it is general admission. saw the Smashing Pumpkins and Mars Volta up close when they played there awhile back.
Adrian Rhodes said:
I just hope it comes to the South.... with the Atlanta show in Oct, I'm worried we'll get left out. (CHARLOTTE WOULD BE GREAT!)

If ATL gets left out I'll personally become an even bigger "whiney Little B****" of a Weezer fan
I think it will get the feeling they are aiming for if they are in smaller club-like venues like the AXE one. Cause obviously with this tour they are trying to bring back the memories of old school fans and have the fun they used to around this time. A smaller venue will fit these kind of shows much better.
The San Francisco venue is intimate...for Weezer. It seats about 3000. It's no arena anyway

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