Hoping the B********* tour will be held in small, intimate venues (Chicago Metro) instead of arena shows.......Possibly a presale?

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I just hope it comes to the South.... with the Atlanta show in Oct, I'm worried we'll get left out. (CHARLOTTE WOULD BE GREAT!)
I don't think Metro and I don't think United Center. I'm thinking more like the Aragon in Chicago. Mid-size would be good.
I could DEFINITELEY handle aragon
I wouldn't complain if they came anywhere near here......not likely to happen. Sounds like it's entirely an US tour.
I don't have a preference but I hope it comes to the South because I have never heard Only in Dreams live and who knows, this might be my last chance.
i despise the term "b*********". Its the "Memories Tour".
I disagree.....Memories is too associated with Hurley....B********* is Blue/Pinkerton.
rivers called it the memories tour
I hope it will be small venues and they have rules in place to make sure that Fans and not ticket scalpers get all the tickets. a few years back Green day played the warfield in San fancisco and you had to have your name on the ticket and show ID to verify that it was yours.

before Green came out, weezer had never headlined big arenas, so i think that they should keep with the way things were on the first tours.
as much as i'd like it to be.....it will not be small venues. this is likely to be weezer's best selling tour yet...and they know it.
I disagree. Thats why it will be 2 shows at each stop....they will hopefully stick with the theme as Ron said
Rivers initially made reference to the tour as B********* when he was interviewed by MTV while on set for the Memories video. But I recently read somewhere that it is, in fact, going to be called the "Memories Tour." Can't remember the source. Have been doing so much reading these days.

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