Hi, I'm from WI, where workers are going home and going to the state Capitol to protest some really fishy budget proposals which take away workers rights, as well as simply devalue us and our work... Besides that, it won't fix the budget.

Do we have your support?!!?

Also... I'm inviting Weezer as of now to show up. Come on guys, we need you and everyone else!


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i have yet to head to the capital for the protests. but i have gone to rallies here.

i do not agree with Walker's agenda and i really do not like how he is going about it either.

Are you serious. The only collective bargaining that he is getting rid of is the the benefits. Stop drinking the koolaid of the Union bosses. I support him 100%
Also nice of the protesters to degrade the building by using sharpies to mark the marble. You wont see that on MSLSD Or ABC ( the all Barack Channel)

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