Last night I went to Edgefest, and the show was great, Weezer played a really long set, but I was surprised when they sang atleast one song off of each album with the exception of Hurley. And they never really mentioned that Hurley had been released fairly recently. It seems like most weezer fans like the album atleast better than Raditude, and Hurley might not have sold as well as Raditude, but I think that could change if they tried to advertise it more by singing songs like Memories or Hang On live. Obviously people like the earliest albums best, but sometimes hearing a song live can completely change your perspective on it, so maybe if people could see a Hurley song live they would grow a new appreciation for the album.

What do you all think? And maybe I'm wrong, I don't know what songs they played in Birmingham.

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I don't think many people now like Weezer type music. Everyone listens to pop or to rap. :(
Well Rivers raps sometimes though, right?
Don't remind us.
I mean I enjoy Hurley and its probably their 3rd or 4th best album, but these past few set lists have been AMAZING! I would much rather hear TBA and Pink material then hear Hurley songs. That said, these are festivals and they are trying to appease to the very casual fans at festivals with the hits and the hardcore fans with all of the extra Blue songs(like Only in Dreams).  Personally, for festivals I think they should play 5 Blue songs( 4 of them being Jonas, Buddy Holly, Say it Aint So, Undone) 5 Pinkerton songs, Island In the Sun, Beverly Hills, Perfect Situation, Hash Pipe and then  one random song a night. IMO, that setlist has plenty of the band's big hits for the casual fans and more than enough for the hardcore fan as well.

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