I have long been disgusted with a lot of things on the McDonalds menu... however, as SlingBlade from the Tucker Max stories has grown an affinity towards this confectionery achievement so have I.  It may be wholesomely bad for my health... but oh my FSM it is awesome.

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well it normally means like a highly sugared dessert food like candy or a pastry but I thought i'd take a liberty on this one... i'm pretty sure the syrup nugget will back me on it too
have you ever had food poisoning?
A McGriddle is what?
well, now i feel sick :/

crystal_iceburg said:
ugh is that egg?

crystal_iceburg said:
Ugh its disgusting, cheap cat food is probably of higher nutritional value than a mcdonalds breakfast.

All of what everyone has said about how bad McDonalds is for you is true.  But when you're still up from the night before at 6am, a McGriddle is a gift from heaven, handed to you through a window, into your car (where hopefully you aren't driving).


I hate McDonalds, and the McGriddle is the only thing I can stomach from there anymore.  Long Live Taco Bell!!!  (which I know is just as bad, but at least they have Baja Blast).

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