He wasn't on stage half the time last night. Being in the front row, it pissed me off. And Brian, Scott, and especially Pat for some reason weren't happy either. He left during Troublemaker, and we didn't see him again until like Perfect Situation.

Video proof. 

"Pork and Beans"

"Beverly Hills"

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The people in the back feel the same way you do when he stays on stage.
rivers jumping around and acting a fool is fun. i just dont like it when the other members of the band sing the songs. i remember a couple years ago i saw them play and Brian sang El Scorcho which is my favorite song and it just made me feel like i was watching a cover band. also when Tom Delonge sang Undone. i came to see Weezer, and Rivers singing, not the band playing while people do karaoke
Why are you moaning!!!!! I live in England, Leeds and Reading festival (Which i didn't even get to go to) is probably the last time they'll be here for years!!!
They're not coming here with the memories tour which just sounds like the best thing ever! There's a good chance i'll never see them!!
who cares? he's the man, he just wanted to give everyone what you had, he's a solid dude
Maybe Rivers just wanted to get away from the whiny baby in the front row. ;)
He's Rivers, he can do what he wants. Maybe next time, try getting a spot in the back.
I am a big critic of Rivers not playing guitar but this seems awesome...I would still much rather have him stay on guitar and get rid of Freese.

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