He wasn't on stage half the time last night. Being in the front row, it pissed me off. And Brian, Scott, and especially Pat for some reason weren't happy either. He left during Troublemaker, and we didn't see him again until like Perfect Situation.

Video proof. 

"Pork and Beans"

"Beverly Hills"

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Pretty sure I'm not.
Dude, at the end of the day, you still saw Weezer.
Dude is just pissed that he was in the front row and couldn't oggle Rivers the whole time?

Watch the guys play their instruments, or look at Rivers in the crowd, whatever, it doesn't change the SOUND and if anything the vibe of the show gets more exciting and the crowd feels closer to the band - especially the people in the back where Rivers goes to.

You can whine all you want about it spoiling your experience, fine, but you gotta give props to Rivers and the guys for switching things up.
Way better worded. Hayley, I expect you to do this for all of my posts from now on.
This is a pretty dumb complaint...I'd be more pissed that I paid to hear Keep Fishin' and Beverly Hills...
I had front row seats at a California show this summer and I didn't feel deprived at all, nor did the rest of my family. If anything, we thought it made the show all that much more exciting. I love it when bands interact with the audience in this manner. It adds personal meaning. Thanks to Rivers for sharing the love.
don't blame you man, getting front row is tough enough to begin with
I can't believe anyone would be complaining about this. The show looked like so much fun.
Why don't they come to Belgium. We are waiting for Weezer. Maybe Rock Werchter 2011. I would like to see them but it's always in America or Japan. Please?
i just saw a clip from the axe show and it looked pretty darn cool! i would have been glad to be there at all, front row, back row, wherever! you are awesome rivers, don't change a thing!
Seems like you're damed if you don't, and damed if you do! Just can't win!
I know people have different opinions, but when I saw Weezer over here at the Leeds festival, Rivers running and around into the crowd and being unpredictable was one of the best things about the show.

How can anyone complain about a band having fun and showing personality. That's what live shows should be all about, you should be complaining about bands who just stand there, play their songs exactly like they sound on CD and have no crowd interaction.

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