He wasn't on stage half the time last night. Being in the front row, it pissed me off. And Brian, Scott, and especially Pat for some reason weren't happy either. He left during Troublemaker, and we didn't see him again until like Perfect Situation.

Video proof. 

"Pork and Beans"

"Beverly Hills"

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I thought you meant he left and wasn't seen by anyone. He would have been prancing around on stage without a guitar anyway, this looks like a lot of fun with him going around in the crowd. If you wanted to see him so bad, you should have followed him.
So you are AGAINST Rivers going out into the audience and interacting more closely with the fans? Ok.
that's just how cool Rivers is. You would probably saying the opposite if you were far out in the crowd. That's one of the awesome things about weezer shows, they make sure that everyone has a good time
Looks like Rivers was having a great time. The people in back want to see Rivers just as much as the people in front. He did an awesome job trying to interact with as many fans as possible.
Why are you angry again?
He also abandoned the rest of the band and directed the attention off stage. That's uncool. It's their show too. Being in the front row center stage, I couldn't follow him, nor could I see him. I enjoy Rivers' prancing around stage, but I just want it ON STAGE.
sounds like YOU abandoned the rest of the band...which is uncool. if you couldn't see rivers, why not just direct your attention at the band...you had a good view.
I was one of those lucky people who got to see Rivers much better while he was climbing on the tent singing Pork and Beans so I'm not complaining. My 7 year old son is also a HUGE Weezer fan and could hardly see the rest of the show and River's off-stage antics gave him (and lots of other people!) an opportunity to be up close - plus it was just plain cool!!
Wow, thats ridiculous. He's trying to give other fans in these larger venues a better chance to see him up close, dont be so selfish. And like others said, its YOU thats turning attention away from the band, whats so wrong about watching the rest of the guys?
To be fair to Tyler, I can see how if you go out of your way to be among the first to the front of the stage... this would kind of kill it for you. I know I have at more than one concert, done all I could to be close to the stage. Got there early and all. It would kind of suck if the lead singer ran off for a good portion of the show after that. However, I think Rivers was just trying to interact with as many people as possible and give the fans who couldn't get that close something cool to see.
Pretty sure you're the only person that hates that.
I can understand your frustration from your point of view. However, people b**** if bands aren't interactive enough. So....it's a wash.

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