Why I think Pat should be Weezer's drummer again (tl;dr)

One of the most enjoyable aspects of seeing Weezer live over the past couple of years has seeing them make both line-ups of the band enjoyable to watch. When I first saw them, the undisputed moments of the show were when Rivers was on guitar and Pat was on the drums (there was no real contest). However, when I saw them recently in Austin, I was struck by how, though Pinkerton and Blue were still better than the greatest hits set, the difference between the two was not so vast at all. In fact, Austin's Pinkerton show was the most consistently amazing Weezer show I have seen. But the original line-up still sounded great and FELT right while the greatest hits line-up has always felt a little gimmicky.


I understand why Rivers may enjoy utilizing this line-up. The fact that Weezer is now a three-guitar band throughout most of their shows makes them bigger and perhaps more exciting for some festival crowds. When I saw Brian, Rivers and Pat play a triple-unison on "Hash Pipe" and "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" I was blown away and I may have cheered like an overexcited American Idol audience member (I did not cry).


But mostly, I think the triple-guitar assault is unnecessary and may in fact be making some songs sound worse. There is no need for Tired of Sex's solo to be obscured by someone else playing lead behind it. The same goes for Pink Triangle, whose recent performances with Josh have been quite cluttered and clumsy affairs, during the instrumental section. The double-guitar solo thing is cool, but if you listen to songs like Only in Dreams and Falling For You on the Vegas bootleg, I think they sound better without the 3rd guitar.

This is due to the natural chemistry that takes hold when Patrick Wilson is behind the kit. My main problem with Josh is that when he plays behind the group, it definitely sounds like the guys are playing the right songs and it definitely sounds like Rivers is singing the right melodies... but it doesn't sound like Weezer.


Listen to Weezer's greatest performances (Say It Ain't So - Letterman, Goat Punishment '01, the Memories set). There is a huge amount of personality behind each drum-roll Pat does and element of not knowing what he'll play next. Pat is the perfect drummer for Weezer because, just like Rivers, he knows how to impress without over-playing and somehow, sounds totally unique from any other drummer. Josh's fills feel choreographed and totally in the pocket... Pat's are spur of the moment and make each performance memorable and exciting.


I'm NOT saying that the new line-up is not enjoyable to watch or that it sounds bad. The harshest words I would use against it are that it is too mechanical and it's very unneeded at this point. Rivers is playing guitar 95% of the time now, making Pat's role as lead guitarist a little confusing. Why not just have someone like Bobby Schneck play guitar while Rivers jumps in the audience? It would probably save Weezer an enormous amount of money as well as Josh's services can't be cheap.


This line-up has gone as far as it can go, in my opinion. It's been a nice experiment and it has yielded some AMAZING moments (If You're Wondering - Letterman, Longtime Sunshine in Austin), but I think it's time that Pat reclaimed his throne. Keep Josh around this summer, he'll be needed to add to thespectacle of the Weezer/Flaming Lips shows, but maybe consider touring as the original 4 after this summer.

Would love to hear your guys' thoughts, even if you disagree. 

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You, Lewis, and that dude who shut down Weezerpedia should make a petition. Or calm down.
I'm perfectly calm. And unlike the people you listed, I'm not being demanding or rude in making my points. Petitions would be just as futile, imo.
I agree.

I have to say....I love Love LOVE Pat's drumming..... is this switch forever?I wouldn't mind some songs with a switch...I guess it would depend on the song....but I think Pat's drumming really adds a little something there....

Pat still plays a few songs these days, but only 4 at most. The biggest appeal of the Memories shows is having Pat on drums for nearly the entire album.
Freese should just join the band at this point.
I think Pat wanted freese so he can shred the guitar
I opened this. Saw all the words. I said "Whoa.". I scrolled down to comment... now I am leaving. I'll come back tomorrow to read this when I'm not half asleep.
No. Rivers wanted Freese so he could be a frontman. Now he is playing guitar for pretty much the whole show again.

Naota25 said:
I think Pat wanted freese so he can shred the guitar
I agree with you.
ah that makes sense, either way Freese is the s***. I'm sure weezer will go back to normal one day, I think they are just having way to much fun to end it. Pat seems to like playing the guitar. 

Gohi said:
No. Rivers wanted Freese so he could be a frontman. Now he is playing guitar for pretty much the whole show again.

Naota25 said:
I think Pat wanted freese so he can shred the guitar
my preference is the classic 4 piece, but if Pat is having fun playing guitar, then so be it.  I love Freese....maybe he can learn to play keys and acoustic guitar.

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