Why I think Pat should be Weezer's drummer again (tl;dr)

One of the most enjoyable aspects of seeing Weezer live over the past couple of years has seeing them make both line-ups of the band enjoyable to watch. When I first saw them, the undisputed moments of the show were when Rivers was on guitar and Pat was on the drums (there was no real contest). However, when I saw them recently in Austin, I was struck by how, though Pinkerton and Blue were still better than the greatest hits set, the difference between the two was not so vast at all. In fact, Austin's Pinkerton show was the most consistently amazing Weezer show I have seen. But the original line-up still sounded great and FELT right while the greatest hits line-up has always felt a little gimmicky.


I understand why Rivers may enjoy utilizing this line-up. The fact that Weezer is now a three-guitar band throughout most of their shows makes them bigger and perhaps more exciting for some festival crowds. When I saw Brian, Rivers and Pat play a triple-unison on "Hash Pipe" and "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly" I was blown away and I may have cheered like an overexcited American Idol audience member (I did not cry).


But mostly, I think the triple-guitar assault is unnecessary and may in fact be making some songs sound worse. There is no need for Tired of Sex's solo to be obscured by someone else playing lead behind it. The same goes for Pink Triangle, whose recent performances with Josh have been quite cluttered and clumsy affairs, during the instrumental section. The double-guitar solo thing is cool, but if you listen to songs like Only in Dreams and Falling For You on the Vegas bootleg, I think they sound better without the 3rd guitar.

This is due to the natural chemistry that takes hold when Patrick Wilson is behind the kit. My main problem with Josh is that when he plays behind the group, it definitely sounds like the guys are playing the right songs and it definitely sounds like Rivers is singing the right melodies... but it doesn't sound like Weezer.


Listen to Weezer's greatest performances (Say It Ain't So - Letterman, Goat Punishment '01, the Memories set). There is a huge amount of personality behind each drum-roll Pat does and element of not knowing what he'll play next. Pat is the perfect drummer for Weezer because, just like Rivers, he knows how to impress without over-playing and somehow, sounds totally unique from any other drummer. Josh's fills feel choreographed and totally in the pocket... Pat's are spur of the moment and make each performance memorable and exciting.


I'm NOT saying that the new line-up is not enjoyable to watch or that it sounds bad. The harshest words I would use against it are that it is too mechanical and it's very unneeded at this point. Rivers is playing guitar 95% of the time now, making Pat's role as lead guitarist a little confusing. Why not just have someone like Bobby Schneck play guitar while Rivers jumps in the audience? It would probably save Weezer an enormous amount of money as well as Josh's services can't be cheap.


This line-up has gone as far as it can go, in my opinion. It's been a nice experiment and it has yielded some AMAZING moments (If You're Wondering - Letterman, Longtime Sunshine in Austin), but I think it's time that Pat reclaimed his throne. Keep Josh around this summer, he'll be needed to add to thespectacle of the Weezer/Flaming Lips shows, but maybe consider touring as the original 4 after this summer.

Would love to hear your guys' thoughts, even if you disagree. 

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yes, that's what I'm sayin. Check out my profile comments, second page or so.

Troublemaker said:

Gohi, didn't Pat himself once leave a comment on your page saying he feels a bit weird on guitar or something?

Gohi said:

Check my comments, second page. Also on albumsix, the other weezer boards... sadly those boards are private D:

I don't think Pat hates playing guitar or anything either, I'm sure he's having fun. It's just a matter of where he serves the band better.

Not worrying at all. This thread doesn't have the frantic and conspiratorial tone that yours do, Lewis. I'm just making some constructive criticisms about how Weezer could improve their live shows. I'll live if they keep the current set-up I guess, but I'd prefer if Pat was on drums. That's all.

Lewis Digges said:

Gohi, remember that thread that I started a while back when Pat got pushed to the back of the stage and I said that Pat was treated like the hired help and I thought that Josh was trying to take over? You told me not to worry and Josh wasn't doing anything like that. Seems to me like you're doing a lot of worrying over something that's probably Pat's idea in getting Josh in the first place. It's not like Josh came to Weezer and said "Heh, heh, heh, I'm taking over Pat's job now and Pat gets to play guitar and sing more. I'm the drummer in Weezer now LOL LOL LOL!!!", it doesn't seem like Josh's character at all for him to do something like that. Josh has also gone on record and said that he has been a fan of Weezer for years ever since the Blue album and that Josh has been friends with the whole group for many years now so it's not like he's a stranger to them either. Pat also has said that he's the happiest when he does everything that sees doing whether it's playing drums, playing guitar, singing, songwriting, etc. And Pat and Josh are fun loving guys as well so they have a lot in common there.

lewis can be such a d***.

Lewis: Pat is leaving his drumming to Josh, aside from the Memories shows. He is playing 2 or 3 songs on the drums in their regular shows.

I'll address each of your (frighteningly phrased) points.


I never EVER said they should be robots and play only Blue and Pinkerton. Point out where I said that, please. I'm not against Rivers taking the guitar off and switching things up and I love when they change up the setlist.


Point out where I said I had something against Josh. He's one of the best drummers in rock today (and I said as much when I met him face to face). Your assumption about  me wanting Matt Sharp back is incorrect because I have never cared for him.


Fluck is right, by the way. You're being confrontational and rude. All you've been doing is inferring meaning into my statements that wasn't there. I'm allowed to express my opinion without being attacked and accused by you.


I've never contradicted myself. Try to comprehend what I'm saying here is not a slight on Josh or saying that Weezer is bad live nowadays. I'm just saying that (I think) Pat makes Weezer sound better and more natural.

i don't know what d*** means.  He could have been saying dude.

Lewis Digges said:

What is your problem and exactly tell me what it is? Can't post an opinion of my own on here and already I get called a d*** by you. I kind of thought you were over with the name calling of me but apparently I was wrong about you. My opinion still stands that Gohi is wrong about Pat and that Josh is a great drummer and so is Pat and that they should leave things alone on tour.

kittens bieber ♥ said:
lewis can be such a d***.

I just glanced at all this but I'm wondering if this may have something to due with Pat's bad knee. Didn't he have surgery? What if he can't really be a drummer as much as he would like to-? I Think they sound great and haven't seen much of change in their music. I actually have enjoyed having Pat in the front because I can actually get a good picture of him on stage :)  I think Pat is very talented and I'm glad he's exploring his options- singer, guitarist & occasional drummer. It's 1AM where I am and so this may not make a whole lot of sense but what i'm trying to say is: I <3 =w=eezer no matter what! :) Oh yeah! which reminds me- what about the other changes in Weezer? LIke the bass player? that doesn't make them any less cool or what not... :) ok good bye


His knee is fine (once again, said on albumsix.com)

Pat doesn't like playing the drums anymore because it hurts his back.





























7. Have the members of Weezer run for office in the upcoming elections. Rivers should aim for the House, Pat can be a Senator, and Scott can be President. Oh, and Brian will be his First Lady.


8. Have Weezer open up a Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Southern California.


9. Film a reality show featuring Weezer driving across country in an RV, similar to that old MTV show Road Rules. Each stop will find the guys partaking in wacky competitions with their fans. A special stop in Pleasanton, TX will feature a drum-off with Weezer superfan Lewis Digges.


10. Break up.

Bro, you are so far off. You are all over the place. What does TSG have to do with Josh being a permanent member in =W=? You get yourself all excited over some silly ideas if you ask me. Which you didn't, but you should of!

Lewis Digges said:

I think that it would be cool that Weezer could do the following:


1. Make Josh Freese a permanent member of Weezer as their new drummer and Pat stays on playing guitar and singing. Pat and Josh could become the next Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of The Foo Fighters and have two drum sets on stage and do a drum solo together.


2. Pat goes back to playing drums full time but as a bonus Josh becomes a member of The Special Goodness playing drums and the lineup would be Pat, Scott and Josh. This time it would be everyone singing lead on several songs and with Josh having a new EP out and everything have Pat jump in on drums while Josh sings and plays guitar.


3. Make Josh a percussion player while Pat goes back to playing drums full time.


4. Have Weezer do an acoustic show where the guys sit on stools playing guitar and Scott on acoustic bass and sing while Josh plays on a snare drum.


5. Have Weezer and Devo do some shows together. A win-win for Josh all the way around.


6. Have the guys sing lead vocals on songs that they haven't sung lead on before. I think that Pat would be cool singing Island In The Sun and/or Keep Fishin' or Scott singing Beverly Hills or Brian singing Troublemaker.

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